Developing Career Resilience While in Career Transition

March 14, 2011 by Careerminds


What is Career Resilience?

More and more employers are asking employees to be responsible for their own career development. In the past, decisions to acquire new skills or change career focus were often in response to the requirements of an employer. Today the individual is expected to be a full partner in his or her professional development and to be proactive in staying up-to-date with changes in his or her chosen field.

“Resilience” in psychology is the positive capacity of people to cope with stress and adversity. It is the ability to adapt well to new situations as well as adversity, and encompasses both strength and flexibility. It is emerging as a necessary ability in the workplace.

What is career resilience? Career resilience, then, is defined as the ability to adjust to career change as it happens and, by extension, adapt to what the market demands. The possibility of an unexpected job loss should not be the primary motivator for individuals to take stock of their careers.

Tips for Developing Career Resilience

1. Demonstrate a commitment to personal excellence
2. Accept change as an opportunity for growth and challenge
3. Maintain positive outlook even in times of uncertainty
4. Take charge of your development
5. Become a lifelong learner
6. Find your sense of purpose: Visualize your future, define your goals
7. Develop emotional intelligence: Think creatively and flexibly, focus on the future
8. Cultivate personal and professional relationships
9. Reflect often: Reflection fosters learning, new perspectives and self-awareness
10. Practice self-care: Exercise, eat healthy, and spend time with supportive friends

Resilient people are able to organize and manage ambiguity, be proactive, and maintain an attitude of optimism and a mindset that is open to learning.

Developing career resilience means taking charge of one’s own career and the ongoing development of characteristics identified with employability.


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