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Successful leadership is about more than experience and knowledge—it’s about adaptability, innovation, and resilience. At Careerminds, we understand the challenges of leadership in an age of exponential change and we’ll help you to unlock your potential.

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The right solution for hi-po’s to CEOs

Careerminds Coaching Solutions

Anchored by our SCORE Leadership Model, our offerings are built around our belief that engaged leaders are the drivers for productive, profitable and innovative work cultures. Careerminds has the right solution for everyone from the high-potential individual contributor to the CEO.

Executive Coaching

Goal is to enhance leadership and management skills to achieve organizational goals when the stakes are high. Focus is on improving specific competencies that can drive results, deeper engagement and innovative thinking.

Leadership Coaching

Focus is on developing and identifying competencies and behaviors needed to influence outcomes and lead others. Ideal for emerging or newly-promoted individuals moving from an individual contributor role to leader.

Leadership Accelerator

A combination of coaching and self-guided learning designed to build management skills and to acquire key leadership competencies. Perfect for new managers, directors, and high-potential individual contributors.

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The power of the SCORE model

Our proprietary SCORE model was built from the ground up to ensure your leadership development, succession planning, and culture support the values orientation that is the hallmark of today’s environment. We empower executives to harness their strengths, align their career aspirations with their values, and develop the resilience necessary to thrive in a fast-paced business environment.

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Strengths, abilities, skills, competencies


Career aspiration and motivation to lead


Orientation of values and principles


Resiliency, agility, problem solving and coachability


Experience, work performance and organizational visibility

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Executive coaching process

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At the start, our executive coaches guide leaders to identify the coaching objectives they need to address during their coaching engagement. Based on targeted assessments, leaders gain awareness of strengths and development areas, and then create a development plan focused on measured goals and alignment with organizational objectives.

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Next, our executive coaches engage leaders through regular one-on-one coaching sessions and experiential learning exercises. Throughout this phase, the coach supports the leader to be accountable to achieve (and sustain) identified goals. Midway through, the coach facilitates a three-way meeting with the leader and the organization to review progress and goal development.

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Finally, leaders gain greater self-awareness, stronger critical thinking, improved communication skills and enhanced competencies in order to boost productivity, performance and organizational results. At the conclusion of the engagement, the coach reviews the overall progress and plans for continued development with the leader and organization.

Typical coaching areas

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  • Leading during times of change and uncertainty
  • Transitioning from contributor to leader
  • Self-awareness
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Building effective teams
  • Developing internal talent
  • Decision-making and delegation
  • Interpersonal relationships, empathy
  • Influence, managing up, across, and down

The proven results you are looking for

Our executive coaching team is comprised of the most qualified, best-trained coaches anywhere.

We measure the success of our coaching in terms of both personal growth and organizational benefit. Our coaching has resulted in improved leader performance, increased retention, and a more positive workplace culture.

At the individual level, our clients experience growth in critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and leadership potential.

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Ready to navigate the future of work?

Start your journey with Careerminds executive coaching today. Unlock your organization’s true potential, foster growth, and drive success.

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