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Are you working your dream job? A whopping 80% of people aren’t. We’re here to change that – one landing at a time.

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Careerminds employs the latest technology, expert coaching, and tailor- made processes to ensure our outplacement participants get placed faster at a more affordable cost. Our program participants report a 98.5% satisfaction rate, and companies who have used our services score 16% higher than average on Glassdoor.

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We will work with our clients and participants until they are placed. No term limits. No retainer fees. With unlimited outplacement support, we promise to provide a stress-free path to success that you can rely on without all of the headaches caused by traditional firms.

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Our best in class outplacement client and participant experience means that whatever you and your employees need, we can make it happen. 

Our global outplacement is a highly flexible, blended approach, delivering highly personalized solutions using the best people and technology.

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Global Outplacement: What You Need to Know
Choosing a global outplacement provider can be a daunting task. What features should a top-notch provider have? What are the differences between different programs? What are the cultural norms in the various countries about the type of services provided?
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Outplacement Programs: The Complete Guide
When it comes to layoffs and reductions in force, offboarding employees can be a challenge for even the most seasoned HR professional. It’s a stressful event for everyone involved. The good news is that outplacement assistance services can make this delicate process a whole lot easier for both the HR leader responsible for holding the event and those being let go.
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Executive Outplacement: A Guide for HR
When it comes to executive outplacement, you need to ensure that the program you are considering offers a robust package of options that are specifically designed with executives in mind. In this guide, we will briefly go over what you should look for - as an HR leader - when it comes to shopping for an executive outplacement provider that will meet, and exceed, your expectations.
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