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With unlimited coaching, our skilled executive team customizes experiences to achieve the best outcomes based on individual goals.

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Helping executives transition to the best outcome

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A man holding a star in his hand.

Professional Roles

Executives may decide to transition into private equity, academia, board of directors, or a C-suite position.

Active Retirement

Our retirement program delivers a personalized, practical retirement lifestyle plan to help prepare executives for retirement.

Consulting and Entrepreneurship

Executives receive expert coaching support for going into consulting or creating a business plan.

Portfolio Careers

Opportunities for executives to expand their potential in related or unrelated fields.

Our world-class executive outplacement program

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Unlimited Executive Coaching

Executive participants get unlimited access to their dedicated executive coach and resources — there are no time limits.

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Executive Portfolio

Includes a resume, bio, LinkedIn profile and optimization. Removes obstacles and is proven to lead to faster landings and higher salaries.

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Executive Roundtable

Careerminds Executive Roundtable connects executives to other participants, alumni, career coaches, and recruiters.

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Support is customized based on individual needs and goals. We’ll meet executives where they are and provide the support, techniques, and strategy needed to succeed.

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Web portal resources including live and on-demand webinars complement the coaching support, covering every step of the job search.

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Utilize results to guide personal branding, marketing, and networking strategy – a structured, but individually tailored process.

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Customized services based on needs, goals, and desired outcomes

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A snowflake with an arrow pointing to it.
  • Unlimited Executive Coaching
  • Custom Written Executive Resume & Bio
  • Executive Assessments and Review
  • Personal Brand and Social Media Consulting
  • Professional Headshot
  • Executive Networking Roundtable
  • Job Search Work Team
  • Executive Search Firms
  • LinkedIn Premium Account
  • Executive Job Matching
  • Executive Research Support
  • Office Space (Home setup or other)
  • Financial Planning
  • Interview & Video Interview Coaching
  • New Leader Assimilation
  • Salary & Total Compensation Negotiation
  • Spousal/Partner Support
  • Lifetime Alumni Access

Executive coaching expertise

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Coach Backgrounds

Our selective team of executive coaches has impressive education credentials, 20+ years of experience, and are Fortune 500 alumni.

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Titles and Functions

Our executive coaches have extensive experience supporting executives from VP to c-suite level across all functions.

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Our executive coaches are experienced supporting executives in all industries worldwide, with expertise in each sector

In need of executive outplacement support?

At Careerminds, we care about people first. That’s why we offer personalized executive outplacement solutions for every level at lower costs, globally.

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