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Anchored by our SCORE Leadership Model, managers will learn to strike the right balance between values, competencies and motivators.

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The power of the SCORE model

Our proprietary SCORE model was built from the ground up to ensure your leadership development, succession planning, and culture support the values orientation that is the hallmark of today’s environment. We empower executives to harness their strengths, align their career aspirations with their values, and develop the resilience necessary to thrive in a fast-paced business environment.

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Strengths, abilities, skills, competencies


Career aspiration and motivation to lead


Orientation of values and


Resiliency, agility, problem
solving and coachability


Experience, work performance and organizational visibility

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Leaders achieve a higher level of performance with one-on-one personalized career coaching

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Aquire Competencies

Empower leaders to gain essential skills for professional excellence and organizational success

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Enhance Decision-making

Leaders refine their decision-making abilities to drive strategic and impactful outcomes

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Increase Effectiveness

Enables leaders to strengthen their interpersonal skills, fostering effective collaboration and relationship-building

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Change Behavior

Leaders can transform their behavior, adopting new habits and approaches that lead to positive outcomes

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Raise Productivity

Help leaders optimize their productivity, unlocking their full potential for greater efficiency and effectiveness

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Improve Accountability

Leaders develop a heightened sense of accountability, ensuring they consistently deliver on their responsibilities and commitments

Executive Coaching

Goal is to enhance leadership and management skills to achieve organizational goals, when the stakes are high. The focus is on improving specific competencies that can drive results, deeper engagement and innovative thinking.

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Leadership Coaching

Focus is on developing and identifying competencies and behaviors needed to influence outcomes and lead others. Ideal for emerging or newly promoted individuals moving from an individual contributor role to leader.

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Leadership Accelerator

A combination of coaching and self-guided learning designed to build management skills and to acquire key leadership competencies. Perfect for new managers, directors, high-potential individual contributors

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Our approach

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Growth and development doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our solutions are designed for your employees to connect with colleagues, seek feedback, and engage with coaches regularly.

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Digital dashboards to connect with coach, track progress, and utilize learning resources. Our coaching programs follow best practices for engagement and reporting. Designed to integrate into your processes.

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Planning and goal-setting are the foundation of managing change and growth. Coaches work with employees and the organization to identify clear objectives and provide accountability and support.

Typical coaching areas

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  • Leading during times of change and uncertainty
  • Transitioning from contributor to leader
  • Self-awareness
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Building effective teams
  • Developing internal talent
  • Decision-making and delegation
  • Interpersonal relationships, empathy
  • Influence, managing up, across, and down

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