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Transition, redefined

Careerminds is a global outplacement and career management partner that cares about you, your employees and your company’s brand. We combine cutting-edge technology with personalized, one-on-one career coaching, which allows us to deliver an 80% or above engagement rate, a less than 12 week average time to land, and customized services to anyone, anywhere at a lower cost than traditional firms.

We promise to support participants throughout the whole process by working with them until they are placed in a new, meaningful role.

Getting your employees back to work is our mission and our guarantee.

We’re Different.

Whatever your employee needs, we’re here to help. Our goal is to reduce the stress of a transition. Everything we do is driven by this philosophy.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

  • FasterWe put people back to work in an average of under 12 weeks, faster than any of our competitors.
  • Value: We are 30%-70% less expensive because of our delivery model.
  • Until Placement: We work with transitioning employees until they find their next career move; unlimited coaching and no term limits ensures each participant gets the level of support they need. This comes standard.
  • Heavy Lifting: We write resumes, revamp or create LinkedIn profiles for each program participant, paying close attention to SEO optimization.
  • Industry Leading: 99% satisfaction rate
  • Flexible: Participants can meet with their one-on one-coach 18/7.

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