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A well-designed global outplacement program can go a long way for both participants and the companies who had to let them go.

By hiring a cutting-edge provider that understands outplacement technology trends for 2021 and beyond, and that is aligned with today’s job search norms, you ensure that your exiting employees will find new, meaningful work, taking the stress out of career transition for everyone involved.


Our career transition methodology combines highly personalized coaching and a technologically-driven approach to put people back to work faster at an affordable cost.

We work with participants until they land their next role, and we deliver virtually, meaning we can help anyone, anywhere, anytime they need it.

Our Global Outplacement Process

1. A Personalized Approach: Eligible participants are contacted as soon as possible by their dedicated career coach, resulting in an average time of 24 hours to engage our outplacement participants. During a one-on-one orientation, the participant is onboarded to our next-gen outplacement platform and a customized plan of action is created based on their specific needs.

2. A Custom Crafted Resume:  A professional resume writer will craft a keyword and SEO optimized resume for the participant that is tailored to highlight their unique skills and personal brand. 

3. Job Search Technology: Our Career Management System, which goes hand-in-hand with our dedicated coaching, provides tools and training to maximize participant visibility during the job hunt. Our proprietary Perfect Match software matches participants to jobs and provides keywords they can include in their resume to make them a closer match.

4. Networking and Social Media: We educate our participants on every aspect of networking, from in-person events to LinkedIn introductions. We’re the only outplacement company with an internal social network that connects participants, alumni, career coaches, and recruiters.

5. Personal Branding and Interviewing: We use the DISC profile to help participants start to build their brand and introduce the STAR theory to help them understand their strengths and articulate past successes. Through behavioral-based interview training and mock video interview prep, our career coaches prepare our participants for every type of interview.

6. Until Placement: Unlike any other outplacement provider, we work with our participants until they secure a new role. Our programs don’t have term limits that can leave them stressed and without support. Because of this we have one of the highest landing rates of any provider in the industry, close to 100%.


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