Outplacement & Transitioning in the Tech Sector

December 23, 2015 by Meredith Brandt

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Tech companies large and small, old and new, are conducting layoffs. While the tech sector as a whole is doing fine, layoffs across the industry still threaten many employees in the field.


After layoffs at Qualcomm, The San Diego Union-Tribune asked a panel of business, tech, and economy professionals if the layoffs are indicative of a rocky future for high-tech workers. Most responded no, saying that the cuts at Qualcomm, like at many other tech companies, are due to an over saturation of the market, with too many companies and start-ups. This excess then causes movement, from both a layoff and a hiring perspective.

This transitioning can be incredibly anxiety-inducing for job seekers: Even if you find an opportunity, how do you know if it’s the right one for you? How can you repurpose your work experience with one company to fit the ever-changing needs of the tech sector? How can you ensure that this next career path will be one that leads to success?

The transitions can also cause unease for company leaders conducting the layoffs: How do you keep confidence high, within your company and within the field as a whole?

Outplacement services provide assurance, assistance, and security for all involved. Outplacement allows industry leaders to manage both large and small transitions without damaging their company image. Outplacement helps to relieve the stress of exiting employees while still sending a positive message to remaining workers and the community. Participants in Careerminds’ outplacement program are given training from career coaches on resume writing, social networking and job-seeking tactics, interview preparation, and the latest tools and trends to re-enter the industry.

In tech, it is crucial to stay educated and current so that transition is possible. Virtual outplacement firms can provide up-to-date webinars and learning opportunities for their participants. With a constantly changing field, why lock yourself into the binders of training and education programs of yesterday? Virtual might as well be synonymous with adaptable, a crucial component for the tech sector.

Careerminds appeals to tech because our platform is more than just virtual – it’s Virtual 2.0. Careerminds’ technology enables job seekers to land faster because our software is the most current out there – it uses the latest job search tools and techniques available and is always updating to stay ahead. The services are flexible from participant to participant, and the needed help is given to participants ranging from all levels of prior experience, from executives who have been away from the job market for many years to lower level employees who are more familiar with career movement. One-on-one attention is paid to each participant through the innovative Virtual 2.0 platform and our dedicated career coaches. In a technological world, why use anything less than the most updated, the most innovative, and the most advanced platform possible for your outplacement needs?

Microsoft announced it’s cutting 5,000 of its employees. Sony announced that it plans to cut 8,000 of its full-time jobs and 8,000 temporary workers. Intel announced, after already conducting around 3,000 layoffs, that another 5,000 jobs may be at stake. These are just some of the big name tech cuts happening in Silicon Valley and beyond.

It’s no mystery: tech companies are cutting jobs to save money. It’s time for the tech sector to take a look at Careerminds, which saves companies 30%-70% compared to outplacement competitors, has unlimited coaching until placement, provides resume and LinkedIn writing services, and has faster participant placement than its competitors. In an industry where change plays a crucial role, it’s only natural to ensure employees the career stability they rightfully deserve.

Meredith Brandt

Meredith Brandt

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