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Can you Communicate Your Value? : Crafting An Elevator Pitch

April 25, 2011 by Careerminds


If you were caught in an elevator with your interviewer, could you communicate to them why you should work for their company in under 30 seconds? Or would you panic and get off the elevator on the next floor? This refers to what has come to be known as the “elevator pitch.” Whether it is in a networking situation, coffee shop, an interview, or in an elevator it is crucial that you are able to communicate your value to the company or organization you are hoping to work for.

The process of developing your own elevator pitch starts with your value proposition. Many companies and organizations have value propositions that review and analyze the costs, benefits and value that they provides or wish to provide to their customers. When a company hires you they are specifically looking for the value you bring to their organization. Are you going to be able to solve their problems and address opportunities? Your job is to highlight the benefits and overall value that you can provide to the prospective company. The cost, as described above is the money the company pays you in exchange for your knowledge, skills, and experience.  What are they going to pay you? What are the benefits and value that you would be giving to them in return? The answer to these questions is your value proposition.

Just as we instructed you to do for your cover letters and resumes, it is crucial that you have a new elevator pitch for each position you are applying for. But rest assured, because once you write one, you will be able to tailor it to each position relatively effortlessly.

Start by researching the position and the company. What do they value? What is required of the position? What is it about you – your experience, knowledge, know-how, personality traits – that prove that you would bring value to their company? Write a sentence or two answering those questions. Be specific, but succinct.



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