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Careerminds Introduces Evergreen Retirement Lifestyle Planning

Raymond Lee

Americans are living longer than ever before. By 2030, at least one in five Americans will be older than 65. With 40 million baby boomers preparing to retire in the next 5-10 years, the mass exodus of an organization’s most tenured workforce is poised to become the next big HR challenge.

Another challenge presented to HR in the current climate is the lack of Generation X members (the generation between Boomers and Millennials) to fill vacancies created by Boomer retirements. This societal shift has caused Millennials to step into leadership roles early in their career. This poses a big challenge for those who are technically savvy, but lack some key leadership competencies, such as acumen, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.

Careerminds is excited to launch Evergreen retirement lifestyle planning and coaching. This helps our clients in managing retirement succession planning early, and can be applied in two situations:

  • To phase retirements for existing employees expressing an interest in retiring in the next 5 years so they can stay on to mentor the new workforce or continue to contribute, but not necessarily full time.
  • Offering voluntary retirement or outplacement in conjunction with retirement planning for tenured employees in transition, but who still may be interested in finding a job with less responsibility, part-time hours, or volunteering.

The Evergreen Retirement program was born out of a need expressed by existing clients who wanted to offer a retirement transition program instead of just outplacement. The program offers a holistic view of retirement through a validated retirement assessment tool that identifies gaps across several major categories. Participants have a dedicated coaching resource in our certified retirement planning specialists.

“We’re excited about the new program and how it integrates with our proprietary technology. Combining retirement planning with a job search enables our participants to explore what the next phase of their life will look like. Whether they need to find a job with less responsibility or less hours, or find out they are ready to retire all together, we can meet that need ”, says Raymond Lee, Careerminds CEO. This program will help employees determine the necessary steps they need to take to have a successful retirement in all aspects of their life, including financial, social, and healthcare planning.

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