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How does smarter, better, faster AND less expensive sound? I bet it sounds pretty hard to believe. At Careerminds, we know that you care about what happens to your transitioning employees and to that end, we’ve built a platform that takes care of their every need and gets them back to work 3x faster than the national average. Learn more about our outplacement programs by scheduling a demo.

  • The Support You Need
  • Whether it’s planning executing or helping your workforce in transition, we have a solution for you

  • More Affordable
  • Because we do not have the costly overhead that the traditional providers have, we pass those savings onto our clients. Typically our costs are 30-70% less expensive than the traditional providers.

  • Smart and Safe
  • Employers offer outplacement because they know it mitigates legal risk, protects their corporate brand and lowers unemployment taxes. HR thought leaders recognize that outplacement is evolving with the changing workforce and the methods used to successfully find a job and choose solutions like Careerminds which has kept pace with these changes.

  • A Better Outplacement Solution
  • No matter what our clients’ need or budget is, we have a solution. Whether that’s a low cost technology only solution or a high touch blend of one on one consulting supported by the most robust resources online, we have options for you.

    And our unique approach means that your displaced employees will be more satisfied with our service. We disregard traditional time boundaries. People can access services around their schedule, including nights and weekends. And, because we want to make sure your displaced employees receive the support they need, our services are provided until they find their next opportunity.

  • Faster Placement
  • Because our solution contains a comprehensive set of tools, is proactively engaging people and is intuitive to use, people who use our service find jobs quickly. In fact, the average time to find a job is just under 12 weeks!

    This is the solution for you. Demo now

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