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The goal of outplacement, regardless of supporting technologies, is to aid transitioning employees as they prepare for the next phase in their careers. Most people agree that the Internet and technology have been beneficial to outplacement services. Yet at the same time, most outplacement firms don’t understand how to harness technology to give job seekers a more robust, meaningful experience as well as a competitive edge. (Learn more about our robust outplacement programs by scheduling a demo.)

There are three forms of web-based outplacement.

Self-Service Program / No Coaching

Allows the job-seeker to access and utilize career transition resources in a purely independent manner. In a completely self-service model, it important that the technology or platform is structured in a way where the participant has a clear understanding on how to access and navigate around the tools and resources. They won’t have the luxury of access a consultant directly for instruction and coaching. A good technology platform will provide social networking tools and social learning to provide self-guided participants to receive the benefits of coaching in a group or social setting. Other benefits of this approach include downloadable articles, blogs, webinars, self-guided lessons, presentations, and resume templates and cover letters.

Self-Service Program / With Coaching

Allows the job-seeker to access and utilize career transition resources both independently and with the aid of a career coach. In a self-service program with coaching, participants still have the benefits of social learning and social networking tools, but also receive some personal coaching as well. This really enhances the user experience. Other benefits include assessment review, career exploration, professional branding, webinars, downloadable articles, blogs, presentations, self-guided lessons, and resume templates and cover letters. One-on-one coaching is provided on an as-needed basis.

Virtual Outplacement

Otherwise known as online outplacement, this approach allows the job-seeker to access and utilize career transition resources both independently and with a career coach, and is supported by a blend of phone based coaching and social learning. A virtual program may also include some face to face coaching which is usually delivered in a remote office in the participant’s city. Benefits include highly structured one-on-one coaching that is generally unlimited phone coaching. The e-Learning 2.0 (social learning tools) are provided to the participant so they stay on track. This is done by creating a multimedia environment, multiple modes of communication, use of various outplacement software, tightly integrated curriculum, and outcomes-based (action-oriented) strategies. As you can see, virtual outplacement—the approach utilized by Careerminds—provides a relatively wide range of career counseling options and is affordable to organizations looking to cut costs.

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