Company Layoffs Find Low Cost Help From Careerminds

February 03, 2009

Careerminds uses on-demand technology as an easy and cost effective way for companies to offer outplacement and career transition services competing directly with large outplacement companies such as Right Management and Manpower

Careerminds Group, Inc.,, a leading consulting company that specializes in on-demand recruiting and outplacement solutions has introduced a new, innovative technology called e-Outplacement. e-Outplacement is an on-demand solution that helps small to mid-sized companies going through company layoffs provide outplacement services to their displaced employees at a much lower cost than traditional outplacement firms.

In today’s economy, companies have reduced budgets and are looking for a more cost effective way to provide outplacement services to their laid-off employees. “Career coaching, resume writing, career workshops, and interview preparation are all available online through our total e-outplacement services,” said Careerminds CEO Raymond Lee. “Traditional on-premises career transition services can be costly to employers that are bearing the brunt of tough economic times. Our web-based services are as good as the traditional method, with some significant time and cost savings to the end users and employers. It’s a win-win situation.”

e-Outplacement is a complete on-demand program. It’s available to displaced employees anywhere, anytime. The service engages and supports displaced employees whether companies are downsizing by one employee or 100 employees. e-Outplacement works for companies of all sizes and can be cost effective by reducing unemployment claims costs, travel costs, and, most importantly, planning and implementation time.

The program offers a comprehensive, high-impact suite of services such as web-based training workshops and forums, online career consulting, email correspondence, electronic career case history, and phone conferencing. Said Lee of the growing business unit, “e-Outplacement is driven by technology and produces results, saving companies up to 50% and offers displaced employees significant benefits.”

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