Careerminds Awarded by Philadelphia 100 Three Years in a Row

October 28, 2016

We’ve done it again!

For the third consecutive year, Careerminds has ranked as one of the 2016 fastest-growing, privately-held businesses in the Philadelphia region by the Philadelphia 100®, the Wharton Small Business Development Center and the Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia. Thanks to the work of our amazing staff, clients, and participants, Careerminds has continued to develop into the area’s best option for outplacement.

“Third year in a row!” says Careerminds Founder and CEO Raymond Lee.  “This demonstrates that the market wants virtual outplacement and Careerminds’ innovative approach is leading the way. Over the last year, Careerminds has integrated virtual retirement services which provides retirement coaching to employees impacted by a layoff. This allows clients the option to offer virtual outplacement or virtual retirement. With baby-boomers retiring in droves over the next 10 years, retirement options will be a necessity as employees consider their options in their next journey of their life,” says Lee.

The rankings are based on revenue growth in the previous year. Our organization’s strategy of hard work, along with staying parallel to current workforce trends, has helped us to grow substantially over the last several years. There is a need in the market for an outplacement provider that can support a modern workforce that holds multi-generational employees in a global and virtual landscape.

“Not only have we grown continuously by over 30% year after year in North America, we are also expanding globally and can meet the needs of participants in the UK and Australia, and are exploring our next global expansion market for implementation in 2017,” says Careerminds Vice President of Sales, Katie Lawrence.

In the past month, The New York Times released their job report that provided insight into this matter. While employers have added 151,000 jobs in August, the unemployment rate has held steady at 4.9%. While this shows some modest recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, it also is proof that the labor market is still regularly analyzing it’s labor needs in comparison to it’s financial outlook. The resulting consequence of these oppositional forces are layoffs, which have had touched many Americans in the last several years. Large companies such as Cisco, Macy’s, and Microsoft have all experienced mass layoffs this year in an effort to move their company forward. Most notable is the recent flux of layoffs in the Silicon Valley area, which was thought at one point to be a bubble that would not be affected by the volatility that causes reductions in force.

Since its inception, Careerminds has pushed itself to continually change to meet the needs of out clients. Each day we do something to advance what we do, from continually updating our Virtual 2.0 platform to instituting new services like our soon-to-be-launched retirement coaching program, Evergreen. Our platform contains all modern technology that can be seen in the recruiting field as well. This includes video interviewing, LinkedIn optimization, and virtual capabilities. Our impeccable product as well as the return our clients see back to them is the backbone of our continued success, as well as what is responsible for helping us receive this award. Our clients are able to save thousands of dollars by using our modern business model of outplacement, as opposed to the more traditional and stagnant models provided by other outplacement firms. The intangible returns are also far greater in an age were word of mouth spreads faster than ever with the prevalent use of the internet. When using our outplacement services, our clients employer brands remain intact and are not tarnished from their reduction in force. This is due to the satisfaction of their employees going through our program. In fact, our clients have a 16.5% stronger employer brand than the average company on Glassdoor.

We at Careerminds pride ourselves on our growth, and we are honored to receive this recognition. It could not be made possible without the dedication of our employees and the loyalty of our clients.

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