Careerminds Launches Online e-Outplacement Video

June 15, 2009

Careerminds Group, Inc., a national consulting company that specializes in web-based outplacement services and strategic recruiting services announced today that it has added a one-step e-outplacement demonstration for companies researching the best career transition service solutions for their outgoing employees.

The Delaware-based company launched a 3-minute online outplacement video-based introduction on its website to provide HR decision makers with an easy-to-understand presentation of its core outplacement service. “We’re growing rapidly,” said Careerminds CEO Raymond Lee. “To keep up with demand, we’ve added an online outplacement video introduction to address the urgent needs of our business customers. Chiefly, the video allows HR professionals see the benefits of our service and act quickly—effectively removing the complexity of traditional outplacement service procurement.”

In an increasingly stressed economy, companies are searching for affordable, convenient outplacement services with minimal complexity. Careerminds e-outplacement, delivers affordable, on-demand career transitions services deployed on a Web 2.0 platform combined with unlimited access to personalized coaching, instructor-led workshops, career development tools, and expert forums over a six-month period.

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