Careerminds Expands Staff In Major Markets

June 15, 2016

Careerminds Expands Staff In Major Markets

Careerminds, the virtual outplacement company, is doing more than just helping transitioning employees get back to work — it’s growing! Careerminds has been featured multiple times on the Philadelphia 100 Fastest Growing Companies list and now internally the company has risen to meet its continuously growing demand by expanding its staff in major markets across the U.S.

Founder & CEO Raymond Lee saw a need for this internal growth as the company continues to add new organizations to their suite of clients seeking to find alternatives to traditional outplacement. Lee said, “Due to the growth of our virtual outplacement business coupled with slow GDP growth in Q1 2016, we recognized that this would in turn drive a demand for outplacement services.” And not just any outplacement service will do.

Today’s job search centers itself around the internet. Careerminds was one of the first outplacement companies to offer a blended approach to outplacement, with its virtual platform complimented by one-on-one sessions with trained career coaches. Careerminds recognizes that outplacement needs to be virtual but it also needs to have a strong human element attached. And with its program saving companies money as well as proving to get participants back into the job search quicker than other services, its no wonder people are asking for not any old outplacement but specifically Careerminds.

Careerminds’ VP of Sales, Katie Lawrence, has seen the need for outplacement climb. “In 2016 we are seeing industries that had been stable or growing since the recession now conducting layoffs; oil and gas and retail for example. In response, we have hired sales, client management and career consultants around the country to meet the regional, national and global demand we are experiencing,” she said.

Naturally, as demand for Careerminds grows, so does the size of their participant pool, and as Careerminds takes on more participants, it needs to provide more career coaches. Lou Ann Kummerer, Careerminds’ newly hired Director of Participant Services, serves a vital role in managing Careerminds’ growing staff. Lou Ann believes in Careerminds and is appreciative to be a part of its staff. She said, “Careerminds has taken the virtual delivery model and catapulted it into a dynamic service that allows our participants the flexibility of meeting with their personal coaches in the comfort of their own home offices via telephone and web. I am thrilled to assume my new role as Director of Participant Services with this fantastic company to support in growing our coaching bench.”

Outplacement services play a key part in making the job search easier. But especially in today’s modern online world, job seekers need more than just an extra boost from these services. Lawrence said, “Companies are actively searching for modern, virtual outplacement because they are seeing that Careerminds is a better fit for their employees and we provide a more comprehensive, customized, and even a more high-touch program, for less expensive than traditional providers.” Many companies have seen the benefits of Careerminds’ program, and Careerminds is thrilled that it has been able to grow internally to help even more people with their career transitions.

About Careerminds

Careerminds provides scalable, strategic solutions to organizations seeking affordable, highly customized outplacement services. Using an advanced, proprietary technology platform that delivers online career transition services, Careerminds provides a high-tech and high-touch blend of on-demand career transition education supported by senior-level career consultants to help displaced workers reenter the workforce quickly. Careerminds was recently mentioned by the Wall Street Journal as being an alternative outplacement provider to the more traditional providers during their most recent Article on the State of Outplacement.

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