Webinar Worth Watching: Simple is the New Smart

July 16, 2016 by Meredith Brandt

Careerminds’ most recent webinar is one worth watching. We don’t think so, we  know so. Our participants responded to the webinar with the highest possible ranking of the topic’s relevance, the presenter’s ability to engage, and the overall webinar quality. If you missed Careerminds’  Simple is the New Smart: From Setbacks to Success Strategies presented by Rob Fazio, now’s your chance to catch it!


Rob Fazio, Managing Partner of consulting firm OnPoint Advising, is more than familiar with helping people achieve success. Rob’s career is focused on helping people do their best work. When I asked Rob what drove him to study success strategies, he said, “I’ve always been interested in how people can be their best when things are at their worst. The current business environment puts constant pressure on people and many never enjoy what they do or move toward their version of success. I want people to define what success means to them and write their own success story.”

Rob’s passion for helping others grow is the cornerstone this webinar. He gives a compelling, result driven presentation, sourced from his 15+ years of consulting experience. Rob also provides a valuable resource for participants: quizzes.  OnPoint Advising’s quizzes center around the four foundations of success: Psychological Swagger, Reading, Leading, and Accelerating. After completing a quiz, a participant will receive feedback and simple strategies for moving forward. This focus on the foundational categories and on strategies in the webinar personalizes each participant’s takeaway.
Simple is the New Smart: From Setbacks to Success Strategies is sure to be a helpful, informative, and worthwhile watch. Check it out and then let us know how these success strategies make a difference in your life!

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