Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About Outplacement Technology

October 06, 2017 by Lori Sharp

Outplacement technology is the backbone of any successful outplacement firm’s business. Without a strong foundation in technology, an HR outplacement & coaching firm isn’t able to provide the highest level of service to participants.

Think of it this way: would Blockbuster still be able to provide the best service to today’s customers? Probably not, due to the adaptation of technology (and society’s obsession with binge-watching Netflix).

To learn more about how outplacement technology can improve the outplacement process, we invited our Director of Business Development, Lori Sharp, to answer some of the most frequently asked questions around the subject.

1. What is outplacement technology?

Unlike HR outplacement & coaching from twenty years ago where information was provided in binders and cassette tapes, the Careerminds technology platform contains everything you need in one cloud-based location. The platform is designed to go hand-in-hand with the experience participants have with their dedicated career consultant. It is also a resource for e-learning, networking, posting resumes, webinars, discussion forums and for customizing resumes.

To be more specific, let’s look at each of these areas individually.

The e-learning platform is a series of lessons that takes participants through all the steps of the job search. Careerminds also has its own networking platform linking all active participants going through our program as well as alumni who have used our program and landed. All profiles in the system are linked to LinkedIn profiles so connections within our platform can be easily carried over to a participant’s own personal network.

We also have the Perfect Match tool, which allows participants to compare their resume to any job description, which not only allows them to see how close of a match they are, but also provides key-word suggestions to improve their match for a given job. This is so important because of the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by most companies today.

2. How has outplacement technology changed over the previous years?

One of the main differences we see in outplacement today also reflects the current shift in workforce trends.

Hi-speed internet, wi-fi, and cloud technologies have allowed employees to become accustomed to greater flexibility in working arrangements. People no longer want to commute to an office to take advantage of their outplacement resources.

A shift in communication has also taken place; text, Skype, and Go-To-Meetings have replaced face-to-face meetings for a lot of us. The Careerminds model has really combined the best of both of these worlds. Our state of the art technology platform is paired with the best experts in the industry to provide individualized job search support throughout the process. Also, because of hefty overhead, other programs tend to be cost-prohibitive and have time constraints. All of our programs are offered until placement and are usually much less expensive!

3) How is Careerminds’ outplacement technology different from other providers?

Our clients love our social networking capabilities. In the past, an outplacement participant would network with other job seekers who happened to be in the office on the same day.

With our social platform, that networking opportunity opens up exponentially. Now we can network with thousands of participants, alumni, recruiters, and career consultants. No other provider can match what we offer through our outplacement technology – whether it be the resume promoter tool, the networking, or the perfect match key-word technology.

Another major difference is that we don’t just teach our participants how to write a good resume, we actually write it for them – complete with the right key-words for their targeted role or industry. Finally, there is no time limit. Most programs have a limited time frame of 1 to 6 months, but we support all of our participants until they land. This gives our clients a great peace of mind to know that their transitioning employees will be well cared for.

4) What is your favorite part of our technology platform?

My favorite feature of our outplacement technology platform is our Perfect Match technology. Most people know that you need to customize your resume for every job you apply for – but how do you do it? We take the guess work out of it by providing key word suggestions that can be incorporated into the existing resume. This is a huge advantage for the job seekers going through our program.

Also, our career consultants are the best in the HR outplacement & coaching industry and are crucial to the success of our participants. No two job searches will be alike and there is not a cookie -cutter approach to outplacement. Our coaches provide emotional support, help bridge the technology gap when one exists, and walk our participants through every aspect of their job search.

Finally, I love that we support our participants until they find the right opportunity. Most people are getting back to work in less than 12 weeks, which is great! But when you think about someone in a tough geography, a niche role, or an executive, those searches are just naturally going to take longer and it’s great to know we will stand by them until they land.

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