Outplacement and Employer Branding

March 11, 2013 by Careerminds

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Employer branding doesn’t happen by accident, a lot of thought and hard work goes into creating a company value proposition and fulfilling that promise throughout the hiring process. There are a number of ways for you to build your employer brand, but today (since we’re the experts in outplacement) we’re focusing on how you can build your employer brand, even while transitioning or sunsetting employees.

At the core of every great employer brand is a true respect and admiration for your employees. When you have to transition those workers, offering outplacement services, especially effective services show employees that you care about their future. It’s a tangible way to prove your initial EVP.

When an employee leaves your company, it is vital that you part on good terms. Why? Word of mouth marketing, brand rating on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, and intellectual property or competitive intelligence are just a few reasons. But even more importantly, is the fact that your organization cares for the employee beyond its own talent lifecycle. Even during a difficult period, you can set employees up for success, making a world of difference to your image and workforce in the long run.

Outplacement services like Careerminds make sure that employees going through a transition get back on their feet quickly. In 2012, Careermind’s time-to-placement for candidates enrolled its programs had a mean of 3 months. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average unemployed duration for American workers is about 10.5 months. In addition, nearly 90% of employees who are offered our services register and stay enrolled for the entire program. It’s sticky and engaging

Layoffs and cutbacks aren’t the only reason to use outsourcing. Perhaps you have a qualified employee that simply isn’t the right fit or someone who is ready to transition to a different career but your organization doesn’t have the right career advancement path for them. It’s far better to have a good relationship with an outsourcing firm to help them transition than to leave a previous employee out in the cold. Using Outplacement 2.0 concepts it’s feasible to offer outplacement or transition services for 2 or 2000 employees.

Following a layoff, morale in the office place can be at an all-time low, but it doesn’t have to be. When the survivors know that their former co-workers are well taken care of and on their way to a new position, it is easier for everyone to move on. The piece of mind that outplacement services can bring to the table make for an all around better employer image.

Those employees that use outplacement services actually boast the same or higher salary in a new position than those who do not. Former employees are much more likely to leave on good terms if they are making more money. It is important that former employees are treated well to build your employer brand.

Very few of your employees will be with you until retirement. This is the new reality of today’s workforce. People are constantly moving, changing positions or just making moves in their professional career. When your organization offers a concrete and proven plan for that, you enhance your employer brand and your company’s reputation. Employees having a sense of security is a huge factor in a positive employer brand.

In general, outplacement services take what is often perceived as a negative time and turn it into a very positive process. Having a good relationship with an outplacement firm is a no-brainer in keeping your future and former employees happy and secure.




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