Leaders Of Tomorrow Or Today? How Millennial Leadership Development Is Preparing For Your Job

February 13, 2017 by Meredith Brandt

Millennials are the leaders of tomorrow. But I don’t mean tomorrow as in the distant future, I mean tomorrow as in the near, near future. That is, just about to happen, here and nowMillennial leadership development is preparing for high level roles, as we speak.


Millennials are not necessarily new to the workforce anymore. The top range of the millennial generation are now in their late thirties. These people have done their time in entry level positions and are now reaching high levels of expertise. You know what that means? Your company may soon be run entirely by members of the millennial generation.

Boomers play a huge role here, too. As the silver tsunami hits, there’s going to be a lot of space left open at the top. And with a huge population of millennials having worked tirelessly to receive a promotion and to climb the corporate ladder, now just might be the time that movement begins to occur. Preparing for these workforce changes on such a high level can seem like a daunting task, but a solid workforce planning strategy can eliminate many of the stressors involved with generational shifts.

In any period of transition, there’s bound to be some unexpected bumps. When a person leaves a leadership role, he or she is bound to take with them knowledge that was learned on the job and that can’t just be passed down in a transition sheet. But don’t worry too much. Millennial employees aren’t the lazy, impersonal, inconsistent group they’re made out to be. Their drive to succeed will push them through the difficult times. They’ll learn on the job. And, if the Boomers before them truly left their mark, the millennial leadership development and mentorship they received will prepare them to thrive as leaders and mentors themselves.

Millennials were looked to as the leaders of tomorrow… but before we know it, it will be time to see them as the leaders of today.

Come 2020, a millennial could even be sitting in the Oval Office.

Millennial or not, it’s important to know how you operate as a leader. Before you land that big promotion, find out what your strongest leadership qualities are with our fun & free online quiz:

Meredith Brandt

Meredith Brandt

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