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Video Resumes Via Qwiki

March 01, 2012 by Careerminds

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Jennifer Fry
Careerminds Consultant

A video resume, when done well, is a fun and effective way to set yourself apart from the crowd and provide your professional information in an interesting way. You may worry, however, that you are not savvy enough to create an impressive video, or perhaps you simply don’t have the appropriate equipment or software– most laptops come with built in webcams, but desktops tend not to, and not all standard editing software is created equal. Worry no longer, job seeker! There is good news in the form of Qwiki, an online service that can help you find and contribute to informational videos; the site aggregates images, videos and information from around the web, and compiles all of it into a comprehensive video, or a “Qwiki.” Their mission is to “improve the way people experience information.”
The site is still in alpha status, meaning that various bugs are still being worked out, and it is not open to just anyone. In order to contribute, you must first request an invite, and, once you receive an invite code, you can then create your own account and start adding to existing Qwikis and creating your own.
When creating your own video, you have the freedom to include most any media you’d like: photos, video, voice over, text, etc. Tell your professional story while showcasing examples of your work, awards and accolades you’ve earned, photos of yourself, anything that you can think of that’s relevant and that you think employers will want to see. Moreover, the videos are interactive– you can include “Learn More” links throughout so that viewers can click while they’re watching and be brought to a news article about an achievement of yours, a company website that you designed, the official site of your prestigious alma mater, etc. Once it’s complete, you can include a link to your Qwiki resume in an email or on your traditional resume or cover letter– since Qwikis can be played on iPads and mobile devices, you can even use a custom QR code to send employers directly to your video.
Currently, the content on Qwiki is limited to what topics are available on Wikipedia, which is certainly a lot, but still, that doesn’t include your average job seeker. In the future, however, Qwiki plans to allow individuals to search for themselves; a personal Qwiki will consist of information and visual components available on social media profiles– just one more reason to clean up your Facebook page– and, as they can for all other Qwikis, members can improve the content by submitting new information and images.
The site is still growing, but since its introduction in 2010, Qwiki has shown continual growth, launching an iPad app last year and making plans to add new features.

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