6 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Outplacement Agency

October 23, 2017 by Haeli Landry-Evans

When the need for an outplacement agency arises it is typically a highly stressful time, a time when you shouldn’t also have the burden of worrying about whether or not you are choosing the correct firm.

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While we cannot completely rid you of this stress, we can give you these simple tips to give you peace of mind that you are choosing the best outplacement agency to not only meet but exceed your needs.

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1. The Outplacement Agency Should Have a Program That is Customized to Meet Your Needs

An outplacement service must be adaptable to meet the needs of each organization.

At Careerminds, once we receive approval from an organization to reach out to one of their former employees, a job coach will make a phone call within 24 hours to schedule an orientation. During that orientation, we conduct a thorough needs assessment so that we can customize the program to meet the needs of the individual.

What Is an Outplacement Agency?

An outplacement agency is a firm that helps HR departments find their outbound staff find new jobs after a reduction in force (RIF), downsizing event or layoff. These firms help individuals find ideal jobs, which can save businesses from the negative effects of downsizing events. 


Our outplacement coaching services include access to a professional resume writer, LinkedIn optimization, interview prep, proprietary social learning and networking technology, strategies to help job seekers learn how to uncover leads and get introductions to hiring managers, and – most importantly – transition coaching and consulting until the participant has successfully landed a new opportunity.

2. Find an Outplacement Agency That Will Get Your Previous Employees Hired Again

Offering outplacement services to former employees is a smart way to maintain the strength of your company’s reputation. That being said, the last thing you want to do is to set them up with an agency that doesn’t follow them through to the point of being hired again.

At Careerminds, all of our Advantage Programs have coaching support until the participant has a successful transition into a new role, or self-employment, etc. Our outplacement services also have an average placement time of only three months compared to the 10-month average for someone pursuing this alone or with an agency that does not see them through the entire re-hiring process.

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3. Look for Low Costs but Not Low Value

When you need an outplacement agency, cost is typically at the top of your mind, but an important thing to remember is that a low cost program does not mean the content and services offered are not of high value.

Careerminds’ value far exceeds our program costs and we can actually save your organization up to 70% over other providers. We want to make this the easiest budgeting decision you’ll make, especially in such a stressful time.

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4. Technology Should Be at the Forefront of the Agency’s Programs

Since technology plays such a major role in our lives today, it should also be an important factor in your search for the ideal outplacement agency.

At Careerminds, our cloud-based Career Management System (CMS) is tremendously user friendly. The content is based on adult learning principles. Besides the typical content you would expect to see in a career management portal – such as webinars, easy-to-read lessons with actionable steps, research tools, a career resources library, job search feeds, threaded discussion groups, etc – Careerminds has invested in creating a social-learning platform where job seekers may literally learn to network with one another.

Why is this so important?

Because we know that networking is a skill that job seekers MUST hone and – at the same time – is an area many job seekers ignore.

Those reluctant networkers may practice their skills  with others in a safe space prior to reaching out to potential hiring managers. Recruiters are also invited into the site and participants can opt to share their LinkedIn profile and resume through the platform as well.

The most exciting and significant differentiator is our Perfect Match technology, which we use to teach people how to identify job leads and get in front of the hiring manager. Part of that is making sure that your resume has the appropriate keywords embedded to stand up to applicant tracking (ATS) systems.

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Our proprietary technology allows job seekers to copy and paste a job description from anywhere – job boards, LinkedIn, a corporate website, etc. – into the system and compare their resumes to that description. The technology will literally show job seekers what keywords are missing so they may include them in the resume prior to submitting an application.

5. Find an Agency that Offers Services for Remaining Employees As Well

Known, ominously, as “the survivors,” these employees are left with heavy hearts and the guilt of not having been part of the layoff. When you offer former employees assistance, the survivors can go to work knowing that their former coworkers and friends are in good hands.

An outplacement agency can also help leaders at the organization learn the proper way to reach out to these remaining employees and reinforce the bonds that may have been broken during the layoffs.

6. Choose an Outplacement Agency that is Flexible

Everyone has their own preference for what works for them but more often than not online programs are the most popular method for learning and offering services.

At Careerminds, we offer virtual outplacement programs that allow the job-seeker to access and utilize career transition resources both independently and with a career coach. The e-Learning 2.0 suite is provided to the participant so they stay on track. This is done by creating a multimedia environment, multiple modes of communication, use of various outplacement software, tightly integrated curriculum, and outcomes-based (action-oriented) strategies.

Other online programs include our Self-Service Program without Coaching and our Self-Service Program with Coaching. Both programs provide access to the job-seeker to also utilize career transition resources with one being purely independent and the other with the option to seek the aid of a career coach.

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