Outplacement 2.0: How It Is Changing the Industry

August 01, 2013 by Careerminds

Due to the economy and re-structuring taking place in many companies today, some employees will lose their jobs before their retirement age. When this occurs, many of them will have a hard time coping with this type of transition. To assist with these types of changes, companies hire outplacement services providers.

The role of the outplacement services company is to work with the company and their employees in a number of productive ways. Employees will have access to many different types of transitional services which enables the company to retain their top talent and groom others for leadership responsibilities.

Outplacement 2.0 for Employees

Losing a job mid-career is not only frustrating, but also frightening for most. With the right type of outplacement services, however, these employees can receive the information that they need to move forward with their career. Even though most people may not look forward to these changes, those that view them as an opportunity to grow and move in a new direction usually recover much faster. Instead of sitting at home in fear, employment professionals from the outplacement services firm work with each individual to make sure the transition is easier and much simpler. For instance, some companies will pay the outplacement services provider to assist affected employees with finding other employment. The help that these employees will receive may be in the form of resume writing, mock interviews, providing new career opportunity leads and other valuable career information.

These services are usually provided to all employees involved in the transition if they choose to accept them. The company will pay the full price for the resume writing services, mock interviews and a wide variety of other related services. According to the company’s policies and procedures, the affected employees may receive this communication in their homes or at their job site. To ease the transition, some companies may provide these services as early as several months prior to company layoffs.

Outplacement 2.0 for the Company

Outplacement services are not only hired to assist the company with employees who are leaving, but whose jobs may also involve helping the employees who are scheduled to remain with their future role. In some cases, the employees who remain may have to take over additional responsibilities. As a result, some employees may feel overwhelmed at the thought of carrying on their current duties without the extra assistance. To keep these employees engaged in the business, the role of the outplacement services provider is to assist with a smooth post transitional period. This task is often accomplished by conducting surveys, aggressively focusing on employee retention and system management with career development concerns. One of the biggest challenges for both the company and the outplacement services provider is to keep the operations running smoothly without major disruptions during the initial layoff time frame.

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