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November 23, 2016 by Meredith Brandt


Your cousin was recently laid off, but don’t worry, we have her back. Dad’s finally decided it’s time to retire, but he’s not alone there either. While your sister is working her way up through a company’s ranks, she’s strengthening her leadership skills with a little help from us. Your uncle was offered an incredible job across the country, but, don’t worry, your aunt won’t be alone in her cross-country job search because we’re here to help.

Careerminds offers far more than your average outplacement company. In addition to helping people who are looking for a new job after a layoff, our services can help people who are relocating, moving up in their careers, or are planning on exiting the workforce altogether.

Cousin’s looking for her next job? We offer…


Careerminds offers the best in modern outplacement. Our flexible, easy-to-use virtual platform uses the latest technology to connect our participants to their next opportunity. Our expert career coaches offer individualized, need-based advice and assistance to each participant. From LinkedIn optimization tools to video interviewing prep, the technological training and services our outplacement platform offers are invaluable for job seekers in today’s work world. Statistically, our outplacement program gets people back to work faster, with our participants getting back to work in under 12 weeks. Come the new year, you’re cousin will be all set!

Dad’s looking to retire? We offer…

Retirement Lifestyle Planning

An average of 10,000 Baby Boomers will retire everyday in the coming years. With so many Baby Boomers exiting the workforce for good, our newly released retirement services program is as relevant as ever. Careerminds created our retirement service in response to a trend we saw: so many people leaving the workforce were unprepared for the drastic changes that retirement brings. Our clients were searching for guidance to ease the transition, so we created a brand new program to do just that. Being prepared for retirement is about so much more than financial stability. With our trained retirement coaches, participants are guided into retirement. And with the stress removed from the retirement transition, participants can finally look forward to a well deserved break after their years of dedication to their work – what more could a soon-to-be retiree ask for?

Sister climbing to a leadership role? We offer…

Executive Development and Coaching

Leadership training is invaluable in any company, and Careerminds recognizes that. 66% of millennials are already planning to leave your organization in the next four years. Executive development & coaching is a proven way to retain this talent. Careerminds helps prepare leaders within a company. By utilizing our program, a company can allow their employees to develop the necessary skills for managerial roles. No leader should ever be done learning how to better manage their team. No future-leaders should ever be thrown into a leadership role without the proper preparation. Careerminds works to create a workforce of skilled team members who, at an executive level, can be the best leaders possible.

Aunt and uncle relocating? We offer…

Spousal Relocation

The #1 reason for a candidate’s reluctance to move is family resistance. Studies have shown that 65% of employee relocation failures result from trailing spouses. Easing the stress of the job search, Careerminds works to help spouses looking for a job in a new place when their partner moves. This service makes it possible for people to seize opportunities without being hindered by geographic limitations. Tango makes sure that, if an amazing job opportunity arises for one spouse, something amazing can also be found for the other.  If a move is worth making, Tango helps to make sure that no partner is left behind.

This Thanksgiving, when you look around your table, you’ll see people at different career stages who are facing different challenges in taking the next step. With its diversity of programs and services, Careerminds can be there to help with all your needs. We know we can offer something your whole family can be thankful for.

Meredith Brandt

Meredith Brandt

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