Amplify Leadership Development with Experiential Engagement

August 28, 2017 by Careerminds

How are you developing the emerging leaders within your organization who will cultivate a company culture that wins the industry talent wars, mitigates generational shifts and maps out your organization’s legacy?

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These potential brand advocates require more immersive means to capture their attention than the status quo. As you consider the leadership development strategies to onboard them properly, consider reaching them with live, immersive experiences that shift them out of their routine and target them in the way they like to learn.

According to CPG Agency’s eBook Amplify Leadership Development with Experiential Engagement, active participation jump starts development.

“Live, participatory experiences enhance leadership development by creating engaging micro-moments that inspire, build loyalty, increase goal alignment and promote consistent brand messaging.”

So, just get everyone in the same room and call it a live engagement, right? Not quite.

When you bring your people together in a meaningful way, the interaction and networking must be inspiring in nature to motivate your leaders and create opportunities for active learning.

Also, don’t think of leadership development as “training”. Training is about learning how to ride a bike. Development is about taking that bike on a cross-country journey. At its core, development is emotive, an emotional shift that takes you to the next stage.

Leaders consistently report programs that focus on training as ineffective or contradictory, so how do you drive more purpose out of the experience?

Knock them out of their comfort zone and turn attendees into participants.

Experiential programs and this interactive learning better equips your participants to use their whole brain and exercise their leadership qualities while developing trust amongst their peers.

It can be as simple as getting up, moving around, changing venues, working through real-life case studies with peers, presenting ideas, etc.

“Active participation helps your people retain information in real-time and encourages participants to continue the conversation in another setting afterward.”

This communication leads to off-site networking where your emerging leaders are now contributing their ideas and discovering different perspectives.

In time, your leaders will bring experiential engagement to the rest of the workplace.

“A company’s culture thrives off engagement as well. Your investment in your leaders directly affects the levels of productivity and happiness of your people. And as these improvements in company culture are embraced, you’ll notice a powerful response from your people. They’ll appreciate the efforts you took to include them, educate them and create a community that’s valuable for your organization’s success.”

To discover more ways that experiential has its place in leadership development, bookmark your complimentary access to Amplify Leadership Development with Experiential Engagement.

This helpful resource also introduces four innovative experiences that can be put into practice at your organization so you can get right to work challenging the status quo, empowering your leaders and creating a culture that employs brand advocates.



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