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5 Reasons Georgia-Pacific Should Switch to Careerminds in 2019 – DNP

January 31, 2019 by Aley Brown

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If Georgia-Pacific is like other manufacturing firms, you are probably evaluating your current outplacement offerings.

Sound like a snore? We get it.

Outplacement is definitely not the sexiest HR service of all time.

But we’re here to change that!

Our company has shaken up the outplacement industry through our innovative delivery model, stellar product features, and cost effectiveness.

Similar to Georgia-Pacific, we believe that people come first. They’re why we do what we do every day. 

And that isn’t just good for your bottom line, but for your employer brand, too.

Learn more about our groundbreaking programs with the points below, and by downloading our pricing guide, comparison sheet, and product FAQs.

Download the pricing information for our outplacement programs here.

So, what things should Georgia-Pacific be looking for in an outplacement provider?

1. Until Placement: The Future for Some, the Present For Us

Our outplacement programs provide support to your laid off employees for the entire length of their job search. Regardless of the level of their program, or the amount of time it takes for them to find a new position.

Why is this awesome?

Well, it’s 2019, and the job market has changed (and continues to every day). It might take a person with a very niche skill set much longer to find a job than a person with a more standardized skill set, such as an accountant. Also, the gig economy has decreased the amount of full time work available on the job market.

Brainstorm against business interface with graphs and data-2

Until Placement allows us to help employees of all levels, tenures, roles, and skill sets land their next dream job. We believe that outplacement should help every worker, which is why we pride ourselves on never giving up on them.

And guess what? We allow your laid off employees to have access to our learning management system for their entire life. So, if they get laid off again in 3 years, they can log back in and still take advantage of our job search tools and content.

2. Our Product Is #Amazing

A lot of outplacement providers talk the talk, but they don’t actually walk the walk. We all loved our old blackberries, but would you still use one in 2019? Probably not.

So why are you still using an outplacement provider that has term limits on their programs, which can leave your employees high and dry and you paying for a service that simply doesn’t work in the modern world?


1985 just called, they want their outplacement program back! It’s time to upgrade.

Instead of the same-old, same-old, our groundbreaking outplacement technology platform has amazing features that your laid off employees will love.

To just name a few:

  • A dedicated 1:1 career coach that is available 18/7
  • Expert resume and LinkedIn writers who will optimize resumes that can help a participant beat Applicant Tracking Software (which can filter resumes before they are even read by a human)
  • Perfect Match Technology that matches participant resumes to jobs and then provides them keywords that help them better personalize and optimize their resume to fit what the potential employer is specifically looking for
  • Resume Promoter Tool: This tool publishes the participants resume to 65 different job boards all across the web, increasing the chance of a recruiter coming across their profile
  • Private Social Network: We have a private social media network (think of a Facebook or a Twitter) that participants can use to network with fellow job seekers, career coaches, alumni, recruiters, and more
  • Personal Branding and Training: We offer DISC assessments, and do interview training for our participants alongside networking training, which helps participants get their foot in the door and land their dream job
  • A hybrid delivery model that provides both virtual and face-to-face options, allowing us to work with anyone, anywhere and on their terms

Download our product FAQs for more information.

3. When Compared to Other Providers, We Outscore Every Time

Here are some facts:

  • We have a 99% satisfaction rate.
  • An 84% engagement rate.
  • We we help employees land new roles in under 10 weeks on average. (Much higher than industry standards.)


Download our comparison sheet for more information.

4. Cost Isn’t Everything, But It’s Still Important

Have you ever replaced one of your monthly household bills with an alternative that is higher quality, and more cost effective?

I just did that with my security system, and it felt amazing to have more money in my pocket every month and feel even safer than I did before.

Now, imagine that feeling times thousands and thousands of dollars. Because our programs cost 30-70% less than traditional providers without sacrificing quality, your executive team will be glowing! Talk about fuel for your next promotion

Download our pricing guide for more information.

5. Are You Ready to Feel Supported?

We don’t just want to be your outplacement provider. We want to be your partner in all aspects of your HR strategy.

Our client success team is the best in the business (and we aren’t just saying that). You’ll be blown away by their responsiveness, and the support they provide throughout your entire event.

You won’t just have a facilitator who registers your laid off employees, but a strategic consultant who can help you make decisions about who to layoff, what type of layoff you should have, and can even provide training to your managers on how to break the news to impacted employees. We’re more of a strategic partner than a simple one-and-done provider.


We also have an expansive library of resources that your team can use at any time to assist with your HR strategy, including samples and templates for: severance agreements, layoffs, voluntary layoffs, WARN regulations, voluntary retirements, workforce planning, mergers and acquisitions, furloughs, outsourcing, relocations, and so much more.

Finally our community is the coolest place on the internet! Our clients have access to amazing HR content with our award-winning blog, private HR groups on social media, HR podcast, and curated newsletter by our editorial team.

Take The Next Steps: Become an HR Hero

Are you ready to transform your company’s HR strategy and become the hero of your department? (We see a promotion in your future!)

Download our pricing guide, comparison sheet, and product FAQs, or sign up for one of our flexible demos.

Download the pricing information for our outplacement programs here.
Aley Brown

Aley Brown

Aley is a versatile global business leader with proven experience managing high-performing teams and engaging a data-driven approach to strategies that exceed company objectives.

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