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360 Assessments: They’re not just for employers!

July 30, 2019 by Katie Lawrence

BY 2020 (less than just six months away if you want to feel really old), CHROs say that the top three workplace skills employees will need are complex problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

*looks around*

But what about my coding abilities? My sales training? That professional certification I studied hours for and worked years to achieve?

As HR pros, we know those are still important. But with the creep of job automation for all occupations right around the corner, or in some cases staring us right in the face, it’s the more intangible, human behavioral competency skills that companies are hiring and training for.

How Our Coaching Reflects This Shift: 360 Assessments

That’s why Careerminds is reaching beyond just job search prep to coach our participants on soft skills so they are in touch with the full spectrum of their abilities, and they are fully prepared for interviews.

It all starts with being able to self-identify strengths and gaps in leadership and behavioral competencies (AKA being self-aware). Our coaches will start the process by working one-on-one with participants to understand their perceived personal opportunities when it comes to the important behavioral competencies companies are looking for.

We support participants who would like to build these skills with a 360 assessment tool connected to lessons on different behavioral and leadership competencies including creativity, emotional intelligence, and presentation skills.

The view into this confidential feedback also can serve as a developmental road map and increase personal accountability. Personalized coaching around these opportunities can help participants to understand how to apply this intelligence and how to speak to these skills when answering deep, behavioral-based interview questions, too.

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Our proprietary 360 assessment is a tool that helps participants access relevant feedback from colleagues and managers so they can build upon their strengths and develop skills and competencies with their career coach as they prepare for the interview phase of their job search. The report can serve as a road map for personal development opportunities to help them land their dream job.

Much of the criteria employers use in hiring decisions is limited to the information provided in an application, on a resume and during the interview. Having the perspective of trusted colleagues will provide actionable insights into how our participants can present themselves as the best candidate for the job.

All ratings are confidential, but participants are able to see where others have rated them on a sliding scale for each competency, and also rate themselves.

The Takeaways

Careerminds reverse engineers the job search, giving participants access to the tools recruiters will use to assess their viability as a candidate. Our 360 assessment, competency lessons, and soft skills coaching is just another way we are working to make our participants more prepared for their search than any other job applicant.

Katie Lawrence

Katie Lawrence

VP of Global Sales | Start Up & Growth Stage HR Tech | AI Recruiting TaaS/SaaS

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