3 Things CHROs Need to Know When Evaluating Outplacement

February 05, 2020 by Josh Hrala

When it comes to choosing a great outplacement provider for displaced workers, CHROs and Chief People Officers need to firmly understand what aspects of outplacement services matter the most.

Picking an outplacement provider can be tough. You have, on one hand, a bunch of traditional providers that have been providing the same type of support for decades now. On the other, you have modern, forward-thinking providers like Careerminds that harness the powers of the internet, social networking, and virtual delivery, enabling them to help more workers while also reducing cost.

The best providers meet workers where they are. This involves using a combination of modern, technologically advanced procedures with older, tried and true techniques to create a holistic experience for all participants.

To break this down even further, here are three things that set Careerminds apart from the pack when it comes to our outplacement services.

A People-First Approach Elevated by Technology

Outplacement – and HR in general – should always be focused on the human experience. For outplacement, traditional providers typically attest to the fact that they hold in-person interview prep, coaching sessions, and more. However, given the high amount of participants, these traditional providers typically do not have the time to actually work one-on-one with participants in a way that allows them to fully understand their needs.


Tech-driven outplacement providers like Careerminds pair participants with expert coaches who are available when participants need them. Participants are not required to travel hours to get a 20-minute meeting with a coach who is just trying to get through a list of other participants without fully getting to know them. Instead, our coaches hold virtual meetings, work closely with each and every participant, and fully understand their individual needs.

It’s important to note here that modern outplacement companies should be 100 percent flexible based on what the participant requires. If a person truly wants to get in touch face-to-face, great outplacement providers will support that. Making in-person meetings mandatory for all workers decreases the chances that they will get the support they need. We have specifically designed our outplacement process to be as flexible as possible for workers of every preference.

CHROs are also concerned with outplacement enrollment. After all, what’s the point of having a service that isn’t utilized. Virtual delivery steps in again here. Our virtual delivery model makes the entire program more accessible, easier to use, and simpler to enroll in.

Until Placement Support Isn’t an Option – It’s the Only Way

Speaking of enrollment and success rates, traditional providers also have another aspect working against them: service term limits. These term limits, which cut off participant support after a given timeframe, make sense on a business level for the provider but they don’t add up when you consider how the modern-day job search works.

Careerminds provides what we call ‘Until Placement’ support, meaning that we will work with any and all participants until they land a new role. If it takes two weeks or six months, we will be there.

Outplacement is different for every single participant. Some people need more interview prep than others. Some may only need a professionally-written resume and help pinning down opportunities. Some need support the whole way through.

No matter what the situation, until placement support allows us to work with employees of all levels, roles, and skill sets.

For People Officers and CHROs, this provides only peace of mind, ensuring that all displaced workers are being looked after during their transition and that the organization will be protected from brand erosion during RIF events.

Outplacement Is Employer Brand Insurance

We’ve talked about how outplacement can seriously protect employer brands before. You can read all about it here.

With CHROs moving more and more into corporate branding roles – which were once held by CMOs and CCOs – employer brand protection is a big concern.

When layoffs happen, no matter the reason, organizations open themselves up to negative press and a tarnished employer brand that can lead to a runaway retention problem.

These issues can eventually impact talent acquisition alongside other aspects of the early and middle sections of the employee lifecycle.


Outplacement helps decrease the chances of backlash from layoff and RIF events, which in turn helps protect employer brands during tough times.

Top-notch outplacement providers like Careerminds go a step further to help protect brands, too. We’re more than just providers. We’re strategic partners who specialize in the entire RIF and layoff process.

Our outplacement services help organizations conduct RIF events in the proper way to ensure that employees are looked after during the whole experience while also helping to protect the organization itself.

We are here to support any aspect of the event from helping prep the notification meeting to helping provide support immediately after the news is broken.

This level of support is necessary as branding becomes more and more of a concern for high-level HR leaders like CHROs and People Officers. It allows leaders to support their people knowing that they will continue their careers after their exits and provide them the best possible pathway through an emotional and turbulent time.

To learn more about how Careerminds’ outplacement goes above and beyond to help CHROs protect their workers and their hard-earned brands, click here.

Josh Hrala

Josh Hrala

Josh is an HR journalist and ghostwriter who's been covering outplacement and offboarding for over six years. Before pivoting to the HR world, he was a science journalist whose work can be found in Popular Science, ScienceAlert, The Huffington Post, Cracked, Modern Notion, and more.

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