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Rutgers University Selects Careerminds as Exclusive Provider of Career Transition...

Raymond Lee

Careerminds Group, Inc., a national consulting company specializing in web-basedoutplacement and career transition services is pleased to announce a partnership with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey’s Institute for Management and Executive Development (IMED) to be the exclusive provider of career transition services.

The Camden, N.J.-based Rutgers University Institute is a leading provider of business training, executive and professional development programs in the Northeast region. Through grant-based funding, IMED provides the unemployed residents of NJ access to a number of non-credit career development certification programs.

“It’s a great partnership,” said Associate Dean and Director Ray Compari. “Careerminds delivers exactly what we need to significantly help our sponsored job seekers improve their marketability and visibility in today’s competitive market.” Careerminds will deliver its online MyBrand career transition program to the hundreds of out-of-work individuals that Rutgers IMED sponsors each year.

MyBrand is a consumer-based career transition program that allows participants to access effective content, tools, and resources in an on-demand manner. It uses a proven, scientifically-based foundation that shapes the individual into a focused, highly differentiated ‘brand’ that stands out among the crowd of job seekers. The company developed the program and its proprietary Web 2.0, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform as a way to help the millions of unemployed workers in North America get back to work quickly and affordably.

“We are excited to be the exclusive provider for Rutgers IMED,” said Careerminds CEO Raymond Lee. “Its forward-thinking reputation and commitment to excellence is an ideal backdrop for the MyBrand program. Our unique service is designed to make a real difference in the lives of talented individuals who are frustrated by the traditional job search process.”

About Rutgers IMED

As the outreach arm of the Rutgers School of Business-Camden, the Rutgers Institute for Management and Executive Development (Rutgers IMED) is a leading provider of business training and professional development; serving businesses in the region as well as corporations worldwide. Our mission is straightforward: to strengthen the leadership and management capabilities of individuals and organizations.

Our solutions are always customized to our client’s needs. Whether the solution demands custom/classroom training, or online learning, the organizational results are consistent.

For more information about Rutgers IMED, visit http://imed.rutgers.edu.

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