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Careerminds and Rutgers report on Philadelphia’s 2011 hiring outlook

Raymond Lee

By Tom MacDonald
Newsworks Staff
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Philadelphia jobs report half empty or half full?

A new report says only half of companies in the region are expecting to hire new workers next year.

The study, done by Delaware based Careerminds and Rutgers University shows only 50 percent of the region’s employers are looking to expand in 2011.  Justin Schakelman of Careerminds says the survey shows employers are trying to do more with fewer workers.

“For those individuals who have a very singular one-dimensional background with their skillset, yes you are going to have to look at becoming more dynamic as a contributor to the workplace,” said Schakelman.

Jonathan Lane of Rutgers Camden School of Business says constant training and education are the keys to staying employed.

“Those who are now in the process of earning their degrees and those who are out there in the workforce already are going to need to continually sharpen their skillsets if they want to be employable in the long run,” said Lane.

The study finds that eight percent of local companies are expecting to lay off workers next year.

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