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Careerminds Reveals New Look; New Philosophy

Raymond Lee

Careerminds, a leading virtual outplacement firm released a completely re-branded website along with an outplacement manifesto in November. CEO Sabrina Basht and Founder Raymond Lee worked in tandem on the company’s philosophical pivot, which most notably eliminates any time limit on outplacement services for participants.

“No one else is doing this, which is what true disruption of an industry is about.” said Jack Gavin, Chairman of the Careerminds’ Board and the former President of Right Management.

Other changes are delineated in a manifesto on the Careerminds site. In addition to providing an “until placement” model, Careerminds used the face lift to revamp their product line, highlighting their configurable platform and multi-industry focus.

Ms. Basht, the company’s new CEO said, “This is more than a facelift for us. It’s about being bold and changing Outplacement 2.0 to the Next Generation of outplacement. Not only does our new look tout the programs, the results and programs themselves just keep getting better.”

Raymond Lee, the founder and creator of the technology that powers the Careerminds’ platform, said, “We’ve always had impressive programs and functionality, our clients know that, but now we have a way to showcase some of the most innovative features, like our build-your-own outplacement product.”

The new Careerminds’ philosophy starts: Outplacement providers today are failing their participants. A concept that started with a noble mission is underserving the people for which it was created. Outplacement has not evolved at the pace of technology or alongside the changing workforce. Today’s HR Pros deserve better, faster and more affordable outplacement programs THAT WORK.

 “I am incredibly excited about this next stage of the growth,” said Basht. “Our commitment to helping job seekers re-enter the workforce and providing superior, cost-effective services to organizations is unparalleled.”

About Careerminds

At Careerminds, Next Generation Outplacement is our only and constant focus. We decided to build outplacement programs, based on firmly held beliefs that have shaped our service offering, enhanced our technology platform and will disrupt the outplacement industry of tomorrow.

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