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Corporate Downsizing

For employers, corporate downsizing is commonly regarded as an unpleasant process, and it can be difficult to determine how to handle this procedure correctly. Careerminds’ outplacement services give businesses the tools they need to manage the corporate downsizing process with minimal pain. (Learn more about our outplacement programs by scheduling a demo.) Here are several reasons why you should utilize our outplacement services when planning a round of layoffs.

  • Protect Community Ties
  • Layoffs may damage a company’s relationship with the local community. By using outplacement services, companies can lessen these harmful effects by helping former workers secure new employment.

  • Let Workers Down Easy
  • Downsizing can leave affected workers feeling wronged, and it’s not uncommon for laid-off employees to pursue legal action. An outplacement service helps dampen negative feelings by encouraging the participant to focus positively on their future employment prospects.

  • Promote Employee Morale
  • Even employees who don’t lose their jobs during the downsizing process may be adversely affected by the layoffs. Workers can feel wounded by the sudden loss of their colleagues. “Survivor syndrome” is a very real phenomenon, resulting in a widespread loss of morale that could harm your company. Outplacement services make it clear that the company is making reasonable efforts to promote the welfare of its personnel, past and present.

  • Reduce Manager Stress
  • Most managers don’t look forward to telling employees that they’re no longer needed. In fact, managers frequently experience more stress than the personnel who are leaving the company. Outplacement consultants can help ease the burden.

  • Provide a Valuable Perk
  • Like 401(k) plans and dental coverage, outplacement services can provide another attractive benefit to prospective employees.

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