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February 20, 2014

Careerminds Group Inc, a North American leader of outplacement and career services is announcing several new program enhancements aimed at relieving the stress our clients face during a transition.

“Our goal is to relieve the stress of both our corporate and user clients,” said Raymond Lee Founder of Careerminds. “We will continue to expand our support to corporate clients through planning and training sessions, supplying best practices for exit packages and providing onsite support and counseling as needed.”

In addition, Careerminds made a significant shift in their program structure aimed to relieve the stress for its user clients. Instead of the traditional time-bound programs (typically 3, 6 or 12 months), Careerminds’ programs and consulting are now being offered on an unlimited basis until the client finds their next opportunity. Additionally, a new suite of services have been incorporated within their online platform to ease the process of writing a resume and a LinkedIn profile, post a resume on job boards and connect with recruiters.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that companies are spending less to help laid-off workers. And displaced employees are receiving shorter programs and being pushed to use online services. Careerminds has taken bold steps to increase both the amount of support provided and offer additional resources that are most important to a job seeker–all at a lower cost for employers.

“Companies do not necessarily want to skimp on the outplacement benefits they provide to departing employees but budget considerations are of growing importance. We want to provide our clients with a generous level of support that gives them the peace of mind to know that they will have help until they find their next career move” said Sabrina Basht, CEO of Careerminds. This is incredibly powerful as the Wall Street Journal also reported that managers with unlimited job-search help landed salaries more than $10,000 higher than managers with just six months of outplacement service.

“Transitions are a stressful time for both employers and the exiting employees. I applaud the efforts that we at Careerminds are taking to do a lot more of the heavy lifting for our clients. The feedback has been tremendous and we continue to look for other innovative ways to make the process easier for our users in transition,” said Jack Gavin, former President of Right Management and current Careerminds’ Chairman and investor.

You can access sound bytes from the Wall Street Journal interview with Lauren Weber at or read the Wall Street Journal article here.

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