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What is healthcare outplacement? Like other forms of outplacement, healthcare outplacement is a service that an organization provides its outbound employees that gets those employees back to work in a new role without all of the stress that comes with going it alone.

Not only does outplacement show that you care about your outbound staff, it also helps protect your reputation as an organization, reduces the amount of lawsuits that layoffs can trigger, and helps retain surviving staff members who will know they are in good hands.

At Careerminds, our healthcare outplacement goes above and beyond the call of duty by providing until-placement support – meaning we will work with clients until they are placed in a new role – without charging retainer fees. We also deliver our outplacement service virtually, ensuring that we can personalize the process for every individual no matter where they live in the country.

Our goal is to get your outbound employees placed in a new role without all of the headaches and costs that come with traditional firms.

The Outplacement Process
for Healthcare

So, how does outplacement work? What should you expect? Here’s a brief rundown:

1. A Personalized Approach: Eligible participants are contacted within 24 hours by their dedicated career coach. During a one-on-one orientation, the participant is onboarded to our next-gen outplacement platform, and the coach will ask questions about experience, discuss their transferrable skills and gauge future goals to tailor the program directly to their needs and remove any barriers of entry the program participant might have.

2. A Custom Crafted Resume: After onboarding, a professional resume writer will craft a keyword and SEO optimized resume for the client that highlights their skills and is tailored to their job search .

3. Job Search Technology: Careerminds integrates multiple job boards right within our Career Management System, and provides tools and training to maximize participant visibility when applying via applicant tracking systems. Our proprietary Perfect Match software matches participants to jobs and provides keywords they can include in their resume to make them a closer match. Our ResumePromoter tool can then post a participant’s resume on up to 85 different job boards in less than 30 minutes, saving tons of time, and increasing their reach!

4. Networking and Social Media: 85% of jobs are found through networking, so we educate our participants on making the best contacts via LinkedIn and on how to rub elbows at face-to-face events. Careerminds is also the only outplacement company with an internal social network, connecting participants, alumni, career coaches, and recruiters.

5. Personal Branding and Interviewing: We want our participants to see their Careerminds’ program as an opportunity to find their dream job, one that they can excel at and grow in for years to come. We use the DISC profile to help the participant start to build their brand and the STAR theory to help them understand their strengths and what they bring to an organization. Through behavioral based interview training and mock video interview prep, our career coaches prepare our participants to approach all types of interviews with confidence.

6. Until Landing: Unlike every other outplacement provider, we work with clients until they secure a new role. We don’t use term limits that can leave them stressed and without support. Our mission is to take the stress out of career transition for both the company and the client.


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