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So, your graduate students have just completed their Master’s program and now they are ready to set out and use all of that knowledge in the workforce. Where do they start? What’s the next step?

Many institutions rely on an existing Career Services to aid this process, graduate students need a more nuanced type of job-search support than what traditional career service centers can provide. Graduate students typically fall into two group: Those looking for career placement in a high level position, and those looking for career advancement.

Our Graduate Career Management program is a comprehensive, yet succinct process that offers a clear and concise pathway to career planning, and addresses both needs, whether the goal is placement or advancement. It provides a personal, practical and relevant path to full time, meaningful employment by using a next-gen virtual placement platform alongside expert career coaching, tailored to the degree specialty, offering your graduate’s both freedom and guidance at the same time.

Unlike traditional career centers, we help graduates brand themselves and create a strategic path for success that showcases their unique skills and abilities, focusing on their assets and how prospective companies will benefit from their employment compared to other individuals.

The good news is that we’re here to help.

Graduate Assistance:
The process

1. Information Gathering: An expert career coach will conduct an interview to better understand the student’s personal situation, what their goals are, and how they have been working toward achieving them.

2. Profile Creation: We then add the graduate to our next-gen platform where we provide e-learning tools and networking abilities. Our coaches will also help them shore up their social accounts, resumes, and other job-seeking must-haves.

3. Creating a Plan of Action: Next, our coaches will work with the graduates to create a concrete plan for success that focuses on their personal goals and aspirations in the workforce.

4. Placement: The final step in the process is helping the graduate apply for their ideal job, going through the interview process, and finally getting placed.

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