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Global Outplacement Capabilities

Careerminds is a global outplacement firm with a contemporary, blended delivery model. We are a one-firm firm with consistent delivery and local expertise in every major market in the world.

We support our clients to easily and swiftly implement re-imagined, holistic career transition services that preserve the company brand, improve morale, and positively impact culture, taking a proactive, contemporary approach to meet the needs of the new flexible workforce.

We challenge outdated approaches and deliver industry-leading results with a people-first mindset that embraces new ways of working. 

World Map highlighting North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC



  • Single point of contact globally
  • Centralized account management and global, in-market account managers aligned with client stakeholders
  • Global client portal allows clients to register employees on the platform from anywhere in the world through seamless HRIS integration
  • Global platform allows clients to have 24/7 access to and full transparency on metrics and KPIs
  • Consistency of delivery with customization for local norms and regulations
  • Expert delivery team in local markets with knowledge and experience in the job market



  • Delivery is localized in local languages and job search norms
  • Dedicated coaches work with participants until landing
  • Dedicated resume writers write resumes and LinkedIn profiles
  • Global job search and Perfect Match allows participants to search for any job from around the world using our proprietary Perfect Match technology to access the best-matched jobs
  • Global social network allows participants the opportunity to network with participants, recruiters, and coaches anywhere in the world

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