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July 28, 2017 by Josh Hrala

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If you’re looking for outplacement services in NYC, you’ll find a bunch of traditional firms offering everyday services, but what should you look for? What sets all of these firms apart from one another?

Outplacement Services NYC: The Traditional Firms

When it comes to searching for outplacement service in NYC or other major metropolitan areas, such as Houston, Chicago, LA, and others, companies typically come across the same providers over and over again.

We call these “traditional firms” because most of them have been doing business the same old way for many, many years.

This typically involves using coaches to help employees who were recently laid off find new work outside of the organization they just left. However, many of them do not utilize all of the technology available to them to pull off this straightforward task.

For example, many outplacement services NYC-based or elsewhere require clients to meet at their offices where they work with them for a set amount of time and then send them on their way to hunt for work after revamping their resumes and LinkedIn accounts.

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Outplacement Services NYC: A New Approach

These traditional firms seem to skip a lot of the technological advances that make job hunting a lot easier in today’s fast paced world.

There is no need to go to an office building to get help finding a job anymore. Instead, clients can login to virtual platforms to receive coaching, help with their resumes, social media account building, and interview preparation.

The job hunt is no longer going from door-to-door passing out paper resumes. It’s online, and outplacement should be too.


The Rise of Virtual Outplacement

Given all of the changes mentioned above, it stands to reason that outplacement and other HR-driven services should adapt alongside technology to ensure that the services they are providing are as current as possible.

This is where virtual outplacement comes in.

Think of it this way: we, as a society, do not like to wait for even our favorite TV shows to air. Instead, we use streaming platforms that allow us to watch whenever and wherever we want.

Outplacement has gone through a similar change. Nowadays, clients can login to platforms and use e-learning tools to give them the boost they need to find a new, exciting job in the field that they want.

However, unlike other technologies, HR requires a human touch. A platform alone will not do anyone any good unless there is a professional coach there to offer assistance, advice, and guidance through the daunting process.

When shopping for a provider in NYC – one of the most ruthless job markets in the country – you should look for one that offers this level of flexibility. After all, your employee may need to work a part-time job just to keep a roof over their heads as they explore their next career move.

Because of this, the service you go with shouldn’t require them to set up countless meetings that take up large chunks of their day.


Traditional Firms and Term Limits

The traditional firms that dominate the outplacement services in NYC are fans of term limits, too.

What does that mean?

In short, outplacement providers only offer their services to clients for a set period of time. The industry standard – though it does shift slightly from place to place – is about three months.

If the client is unable to land a new job in that amount of time, the service is canceled and the person is then on their own.

If you think about this for a moment, you can see that term limits are a pretty big problem. For example, severance payments – which are usually about 2 months worth of salary plus any vacation time – typically can last an out of work person about 2-3 months depending on their personal financial needs.

So, say a client gets a severance payment plus outplacement and fails to find a job in 3 months. They are now without a job or a support system, which has to be one of the most stressful situations someone could find themselves in.

Given the cost of living, outplacement services in NYC should seriously ditch these limits. Sure, someone can find a part-time job working for small wages more easily in a large city than someone in a small town. However, rent, food, and basic utilities cost way more, making the term limit an even greater problem.


What’s the Answer?

This is simple. Pick a provider that doesn’t have a term limit or one that is extra flexible with their standard process.

Right now, Careerminds is the only outplacement firm that doesn’t have a term limit on service. We work with clients until they are placed regardless of how long it takes.

Not only does this dramatically increase the chances of a client getting placed, it also shows that we stand by our process.


Outplacement Services NYC: A Refresher

We covered a lot. Here’s what you need to know:

Outplacement in NYC has been dominated by traditional firms with traditional processes.

Many of them still require clients to meet in person, which doesn’t put the customer first even though there are countless ways to provide outplacement virtually and they use term limits that can cut off the client’s support group.

The most important part of outplacement is putting the client first and foremost. This requires flexibility and the willingness to put the service to the test, opting to forego term limits while offering virtual-based assistance with a human touch.

Find out how Careerminds can fulfill all of your outplacement needs by scheduling a demo today.

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Josh Hrala

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