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March 06, 2020 by Shannon Perry

How many cities in the world can say that they have a park that dwarfs New York City’s Central Park, a haunted government house, a medieval castle, and is the capital of a province?

We don’t know either, but there’s at least one: Regina.

This beautiful city sports unique features that make it a great place to visit and an even better place to live, haunted places notwithstanding. In addition to unique attractions, Regina is continuing to become more diverse and the city is responding by encouraging dialogue between all cultures and communities across the city. The Regina Cultural Plan addresses needs and strategies for making Regina a safe, welcoming place for everyone, regardless of where they are from or what they believe.

In addition to culture, beauty, and diversity, this beautiful city is also filled with opportunity. Several essential industries are booming in Regina: like metal fabrication. Regina has the largest steel producer in western Canada, EVRAZ Regina, and they provide 3 million tonnes of steel every year for their customers both domestic and international. With that, mining, and manufacturing, a layoff event in any one of these industries means that impacted employees can get into a new job or a new field relatively easy—with the right guidance from outplacement in Regina.

Keep reading to learn how Careerminds can help employers in Regina secure their future and help employees impacted by a RIF event.

Outplacement Services in Regina: A Refresher

Outplacement services in Winnipeg are offered by companies when they are holding a layoff or RIF event. Employees who will be impacted by the layoff—that is, those who are losing their jobs—can use outplacement to help secure their next employment. It sounds pretty simple, and it is, but outplacement does a lot to make sure that impacted employees land on their feet after the layoff event. Careerminds is the perfect example of an outplacement provider that adapts and updates the services they offer in order to do this.

At Careerminds, we utilize a 100 per cent virtual platform, allowing us to work with anyone, anywhere. When looking for an outplacement provider, it’s important to look for one that uses a variety of tools to reach their objective. That’s why we have such a high success rate and have led the way in the industry for adapting to a virtual world. We didn’t have to adapt, we were virtual and versatile from day one.

Another factor to consider when shopping for an outplacement provider is their level of involvement with you as a client in addition to the impacted employees that will be participating in the services offered. After all, outplacement isn’t just about finding them jobs, it benefits your company too.

How Outplacement Helps Regina Based Companies

Company Brand

Why is it important to take care of outbound employees? One of the biggest reasons is because of branding. Public opinion is everything and for many businesses, it can be hard to recover from bad public opinion. After all, how many companies have you avoided because that company treated a loved one, a friend, or even a stranger you read about on social media badly?

On a more broad scale, how many times have you seen public opinion have a huge impact on an organization in response to a poorly handled event?

While a Regina layoff event likely won’t spark national or international outrage, it can still have a serious impact on the wellbeing of the company. By offering outplacement services in Regina, you can assure Reginans and newcomers to Regina alike that you want to see them be successful after they’ve moved on from your company. People like knowing that the places they get products or services from actually care about the people who have helped to build the company.

Part of the public that notices this is potential employees, too.

Employer Brand

As one generation of workers began to retire and millennials entered the workforce, a slow shift began that has only gained momentum over recent years. Companies can no longer expect competitive pay and benefits alone to win over a potential new employee. Millennials want more, and understanding that is the key to longevity– after all, it’s estimated that 75 per cent of the workforce will be millennials by 2030.

For the majority of millennials, working for a company that is aligned with their own values is just as important as ensuring their financial security with a fair paycheque. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to hear millennials say that they’d take a lower pay rate if it meant they could work for a company with purpose and whose culture was positive.

Millennials also place a lot of importance on development, continuous feedback, and moving up (or out, if need be) in the company. Because the rising workforce has a company culture expectation, it’s essential that companies work to prioritize methods that will nurture that new culture. Creating transparency will allow the company culture to be seen not only by potential employees but the public as well and will play a major role in the company’s brand.

Outplacement is a part of that because millennials will feel more secure about their future, and it also displays a sense of responsibility and compassion towards society.

Community Responsibility

Branding aside, outplacement is very simply the ethical thing to do for impacted employees. These employees have sold weeks and years of their lives to your company in order to contribute to the success of it. And, as difficult as a layoff event is for a company to conduct, it is often a stressful and anxiety-ridden moment in someone’s life. Outplacement can provide reassurances and resources to minimize the impact of a layoff.

Regina has the 7th largest population of indigenous people in Canada and most of the growth in recent years came from immigrants. With so much diversity in such a rapidly growing city, things career opportunities can change very quickly. And, it can be challenging to take advantage of those opportunities if a participant hasn’t been in the job search world for a number of years. That’s where outplacement—specifically a company that’s constantly adapting to the virtual world—becomes an asset.

Plus, ultimately outplacement saves money as it ensures that former employees do not need to rely on government programs designed to help Canadians when they need it. Fewer people who need these services mean lower taxes, so outplacement really is an investment. And, it’s not just as far as taxes go too—outplacement can reduce the risk of a lawsuit.

Minimal Risk of Lawsuits

Layoffs are tricky.

It’s important to note at this point that we’re not lawyers, and Careerminds isn’t equipped to offer legal advice. For that, it’s best to consult your legal department throughout the layoff process. But we’ve been helping clients with outplacement long enough to know that companies can inadvertently violate the rights of their employees with layoff events and even new, seemingly benign policies.

The Employment Equity Act is designed to ensure that vulnerable groups are fairly represented in a company or the Canadian workforce as a whole. The law isn’t designed to promote unqualified people to positions that would ultimately lead to them being laid off or cause undue hardship for the employer, but to merely ensure that someone isn’t disqualified due to discrimination. The layoff process is covered under this federal law as well and requires special attention to ensure that the law isn’t violated.

Special concerns for HR, First Nations, Minorities and Outplacement
Unlike many other larger cities in Canada, Regina has the privilege of having a large population of indigenous people and other minorities. Having that diversity, however, increases the risk of violating federal law as far as discrimination goes. While many people support and embrace the indigenous people of this country, racism still exists.

Whether it is a subconscious move in HR during a layoff or an employer who refuses to hire someone because of their skin color or their heritage, minorities involved in a layoff event need to be considered in any city, but especially one with so many minorities as part of the workforce.

Like any place where people are, there are problems. But, at the core, Reginans care. It’s essential that companies remember this when making the choice to hold a reduction-in-force (RIF) event. Tossing part of the workforce out into the figurative cold without a plan doesn’t sit well with the public or people who might want to work with your company in the future, and if done carelessly can cost the company in much more direct ways.

Let Careerminds help you organize a layoff event that will prepare impacted employees for today’s job market so that they land on their feet and your company can thrive!

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