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June 01, 2020 by Shannon Perry

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In 2019, about 43,000 Ottawans supported their families by working in tourism. The industry has a yearly economical impact of over $2 billion on the region- or, rather, it did.

Fast forward to the Coronavirus pandemic and in Ottawa the hardest-hit industry was tourism where 80 per cent of workers have experienced temporary and/or permanent layoffs. And, while some employees were hired back after the initial hit from COVID-19, many of those workers have once again been laid off. Residents of Ottawa, and Canada as a whole, are having to adjust to a new normal and accept that COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Layoffs are stressful for both the company doing it, particularly if it’s due to COVID-19, and for the workers impacted by them. But, outplacement services in Ottawa can make it a far less stressful experience.

Outplacement Services in Ottawa: A Refresher

Outplacement providers in Ottawa work with employees who are being impacted by RIFs or layoffs to help make sure that they can be placed in a new job in another company or, another industry altogether. Through various techniques, an outplacement company works with outbound employees to polish their professional image, find the best jobs to fit their wants and needs, and then get them to the point of receiving an offer for a job that’s the perfect fit.

One question we see quite often is: Does outplacement work?

The answer is most definitely yes. We’ll go over the benefits of using outplacement services in Ottawa below, but let’s talk more about this question first. Though optional, outplacement is utilized by many Canadian companies because it is effective at getting outbound employees into new jobs faster. And, as the world struggles to adapt and become more virtual during the pandemic, it’s essential to choose an outplacement company that has had a virtual platform from day one.

Virtual Outplacement Services in Ottawa

Over the last few years, many outplacement companies have been making the slow switch to a virtual platform, or to at least offer it in addition to a traditional brick and mortar location. Careerminds has always delivered virtually, allowing participants to get the support they need from the comfort of their own home and on their own terms.

The reason is that providing traditional, in-person outplacement is outdated and it has been for a while. With sites like LinkedIn, job boards, and even entire college degrees available online, an in-person experience is not only unnecessary, it can hinder a participant’s ability to get support by requiring lengthy commuting times and only offering support at specific times during the day or week.).

When comparing outplacement providers, be sure to consider their virtual platform and how long they have been using it to place participants. Outplacement is very beneficial, but it works best if the provider knows what they are doing!

The Essential Guide to Layoffs

The Benefits of Using Outplacement Services in Ottawa

Providing outplacement is the responsible thing to do.

Canadians are nice. At least, that’s what most of the world thinks, and what most of us think of ourselves as well. But, providing outplacement services isn’t about being nice, it’s about being part of an egalitarian society that prioritizes elevating those that need it in addition to pursuing our own self-interests. In business, that community responsibility translates to providing for employees impacted by a reduction in force (RIF) event.

Taking steps to alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes from job loss benefits the mental and emotional health of the person being let go, and it benefits HR, too. It’s hard to terminate someone’s employment to begin with, but doing so without knowing what will happen, or at least being confident that those people will be alright, can be very stressful.

Using outplacement cuts down on the risk of lawsuits.

It is essential that the legal department be involved in all layoff events. But, even a layoff that is perfectly legal and doesn’t violate laws can incur lawsuits. Even if a former employee chooses to make a claim with the Ministry of Labour, it takes time and resources away from the company, which can be avoided by offering outplacement as an option to terminated employees.

By getting outbound employees engaged in outplacement, which in turn gets them in a job that fits their wants and needs, it cuts down on the chances that they’ll take legal action against the company that let them go. Former employees have up to two years to make a claim or sue their former employer, so it’s a good idea to do whatever is needed to prevent that. Also, if the employee declines outplacement, finding out why and making a note of it can prove helpful in the future.

Remember that we are not lawyers and nothing in this article constitutes legal advice. Please work closely with your legal counsel during any RIF event to ensure you are following all pertinent laws!

Outplacement preserves the company brand.

When it comes to a layoff event, it doesn’t really matter why it happened, only that it did. Moreover, the company likely won’t get good press about it. Even when a layoff may be more understandable (such as during COVID-19), the company brand is still likely to take a hit as consumers see family and friends terminated, or imagine that they themselves have been.

The best way to negate bad press from a layoff event is to prepare for it and make it as gentle as possible for those employees affected by it. Federal and provincial laws both require severance pay, but giving more than what is strictly required may be an option. Outplacement support, however, is probably one of the best ways to show outbound employees—and everyone else—that the company cares about their welfare.

Outplacement shows the remaining workforce that the company cares.

One purpose of a layoff event is to promote the longevity of the company and preserve the rest of the workforce. However, a poorly executed layoff event can lead to more loss than the company bargained for.

Layoff survivor sickness occurs when the remaining workforce feels guilt, anxiety and stress due to the layoff event. These feelings can linger and create a problem for productivity and company culture. Companies should look for these signs of layoff survivor sickness:

Are remaining employees disgruntled with work?

A layoff sometimes means that surviving employees have to take on more responsibilities. Few people would be happy about that, but it also might be an indication of layoff survivor sickness. It may be necessary for managers to take on more responsibilities to not only alleviate a heavier workload but boost morale as well.

Are they holding a grudge against the company?

It’s only natural that friendships and bonds bloom in a business, so it can breed resentment if someone feels that their former co-worker is being treated badly. Employers should keep communication open with employees to watch for this.

Has productivity gone down?

Just as a terminated employee thinks about the job they’ve lost, remaining employees think about the layoff even after it’s done. Productivity may take a hit as employees comfort each other and prepare for a layoff that, they think at least, might be in their future. Layoff survivor sickness can seriously affect a company. By partnering with Careerminds to create a foolproof layoff plan, that impact can be reduced or eliminated altogether.

Outplacement Services in Ottawa: The Wrap Up

Outplacement services in Ottawa can seriously aid companies who may have to hold RIF or layoff events. Careerminds puts people first and uses next-gen technology to aid HR, employees, and survivors during workplace transitions.

By using an outplacement service in Ottawa, you can ensure that every aspect of the event is cover from top to bottom and rest knowing that your departing employees have the support they need to land their next ideal role outside of the company.

Let us know what we can do to help make your next layoff event a success!

Shannon Perry

Shannon Perry

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