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Why Outplacement is Just Good Business

April 05, 2013 by Careerminds

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Outplacement is good for business!

We’ve talked a bit on the blog here about how offering outplacement services can be great for employer branding, both externally and internally but using Outplacement 2.0 is just good business in general. Outplacement services help organizations to transition with fewer disruptions, gives current employees peace of mind, allows HR pros to get back to doing their job and helps displaced workers find success up to 60% faster than they would without these services.


Here’s why choosing cost-efficient SaaS

outplacement services is JUST good business:

1) It helps the company. Contrary to popular belief, letting part of your workforce go is hardly ever easy and even more rarely is it a satisfying endeavor. These choices come at a cost for all those in leadership positions and to the company as whole. Outplacement services can take some of that burden and build a new foundation for workers, giving the company some peace of mind.

2) It helps your HR professionals. I once had to fire 12 people in a row. It was half of the small office where I worked and as a recruiting pro, I wasn’t equipped for the job. So I didn’t KNOW that change management requires, first and foremost, a PLAN. When HR pros know what they are doing, how it’s supposed to be handled and precisely what the plan of action is, it helps get them through tough times like layoffs.

3) It helps your current employees. A lot of time is spent figuring out what to do with the employees that a company has to transition, but what about the folks who still have to make the wheels of the organization turn? Often, they are watching friends and colleagues walk out the door with the proverbial box. Don’t let that be the image that sticks in their heads. Productivity is lost, morale is low and your brand suffers. By using outplacement (especially effective outplacement that WORKS quickly) you’re sending a message to those who are still employed that no matter what, the company has their best interests at heart.

4) It helps those in transition. Okay, let’s be real. Very few employees who are transitioning want to be in that situation. It’s definitely hardest on these folks for many reasons. But offering a solution with a high registration rate, a faster time to hire (on average) and one that allows them to work one-on-one with a qualified coach can soften the blow of being laid off.

5) It helps the economy. While a RIF might help a company balance the budget in the short-term, in the long term, it’s almost never good for the economy. Small and large businesses alike hope for a healthy economy because that’s the best climate in which to do business. When you use a service that gets people back to work faster and that provides skills that jobseekers really need to compete in today’s market, it sends qualified, confident people back into the workforce. And that helps the economy.



Bottom line? Outplacement 2.0 is good for business. Fortunately, it’s also affordable for businesses to implement, whether they are transitioning 4 people or 400 people. With a comprehensive learning system, low attrition rates from the program and a mean time of 12 weeks to a new job for participants, it’d be easy to assume that a service like Careerminds is pricey. In fact, advances in technology and qualified coaches all over North America have made our services even cheap than traditional outplacement. To find out more, schedule a demo.


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