3 Ways Executive Outplacement Firms Can Boost Your HR

August 03, 2017 by Josh Hrala

HR departments have a lot on their plates. From onboarding new employees to maintaining company-wide policies, the workload can be immense. On top of that, occasional downsizing can double that stress and also put pressure on your overall organization. To minimize this, you should consider what executive outplacement firms can do for you.

executive outplacement firms

Think about it. No one likes downsizing or reductions in force, especially the employees that are affected, but these actions can also lead to some serious organizational struggles in today’s Glassdoor world where reputation can make or break a company overnight.

How your company fairs during these tough times largely relies on the benefits you offer outgoing employees as they leave your organization. One of the best practices is to use an executive outplacement firm to ensure the employee stays on a successful path forward and also has no resentment.

So, what can executive outplacement firms do for you – the HR manager – and your company at large?


Take the Stress Off of You and Your Employees

One of the best benefits of using executive outplacement firms to help your outgoing employee find new work is that it helps you better deal with the personal stress that comes with letting people go.

Given that some people that get caught up in layoffs have been working for your organization for many years, it stands to reason that you will likely feel sorry for having to let them go even though it isn’t your fault.

By providing them outplacement services, you can be sure that they are on the right path and will find a new, meaningful job in the future.

This goes both ways.

executive outplacement firms

The employee will also know that you care. After all, many organizations simply offer a severance package in the form of a cash payout to exiting employees. The addition of outplacement really hits home the fact that you care about their future.

The “survivors” will benefit, too.

Think about it. A layoff sends shock waves through your organization, making employees that aren’t directly affected feel like they might be the next to go. By showing that you take care of employees even after they exit, you ease tensions and reduce the possibility that survivors will jump ship.


Reducing Your Workload

Like any service provider, executive outplacement firms exist to take some of the weight off of HR departments.

With outplacement specifically, it allows you to send off our your employee without needing to help them yourself. By putting them in good hands, you can go back to managing your organization and focusing on all of the day-to-day tasks that keep everything running smoothly.

If you wanted to ensure your employee was going to have a successful transition out of the organization without outplacement, you’d have to add way more work to your daily routine.

Of course, you could always skip the process altogether, but that would open you up to having your reputation tarnished when letting employees of all levels go whether they are executive level or lower.


Allowing You to Better Plan Your Workforce

Layoffs and downsizing can come about from various things. To better protect against layoffs, you should have a firm plan in place for your workforce. After all, the best way to deal with a layoff is to not need to have one in the first place.

executive outplacement firms

That is obviously easier said than done. In fact, when you start planning out your workforce goals you sometimes find that a layoff is needed to get back on track.

If you shop around executive outplacement firms and find one that is willing to be a strategic partner in the future, you can have layoffs and minimize their overall negative impact.

Or, consider it this way: if you felt better about how your employees went through a layoff, you could get your entire organization on track for success, stopping a layoff that is caused by financial woes and instead have one that is preemptive in a way that keeps your business growing at a proper rate.

Of course, no one wants to go through a downsizing event but they are fact of HR life. It’s better to have the option knowing that your employees will have support.


Quick Tip For Shopping Around

While we’re here, it’s important to note a few things about finding the right firm for your needs.

Comparing executive outplacement firms can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You should look for one that offers a flexible program that utilises all of the available technology. Stay away from firms that have term limits and make sure the firm is willing to be a strategic partner in the future.

At Careerminds, we tick all of those boxes. Want to learn how we can help your HR department with outplacement? Schedule a demo today.

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