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January 01, 1970 by Kelly Moore

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We’ve all experienced frustration when using a new program. We wish it was set up differently or had features we consider vital to our goals. At the beginning of 2020, our clients provided a lot of amazing feedback about our platform and what we could improve about it. We spent the bulk of the year building a completely refreshed version of our learning platform to more effectively serve our clients’ needs.

Being user friendly is important, but listening to user feedback is far more valuable. We set out to make our new learning platform more intuitive overall and to implement new features that provide even more value to our clients than ever before.

Our program pairs an experienced career coach that has extensive industry knowledge with each transitioning employee. The coach and participant use the suite of tools on our comprehensive platform to access resume writers, enhance networking, prepare for interviews, and much more. We’ve put a lot of thought into each aspect of our program to ensure successful career transition while supporting our client’s company goals.

The Client Portal

Clients need to be able to easily add new participants, review employee status, and quickly access information for reporting. We kept these factors in mind as we revamped the entire look and feel of the platform. 

Our platform is an integral part of our program, and continually updating it ensures we provide the most value to our clients. These new features get transitioning employees into their new role efficiently, helps avoid chaos for the surviving workers, ensures the company’s goals are achieved, and is cost effective to meet budget requirements.

The top new features our clients are saying they love so far:

  • Participant Management – being able to easily upload individual or multiple participants at a time. Bulk uploading is a lot simpler now, and we provide a prebuilt spreadsheet directly on the page to ensure you run into no issues. 
  • Main Dashboard – see the status of your participants immediately when you log in. These are broken down into clear detail so you can evaluate employee status and provide metrics for success in your reporting. 
  • Knowledge Center – a growing library of resources and FAQs at your fingertips to guide you through all aspects of our platform as it relates to your needs. 

The Participant Portal

Participants need to see exactly where they are at in their program so they can pick up where they left off and land a job quickly. We focused on making the key factors to their success prominent so they can make rapid progress. 

Working with their coach one-on one through our program provides clear direction and actionable items so participants can progress efficiently. We have an extensive bank of webinars, podcasts, worksheets, videos, and resources that works in tandem with the expert coaching they receive. We craft an impactful resume, enhance LinkedIn profiles, and practice for interviews to ensure our participants take full advantage of opportunities quickly. Our new platform provides invaluable content to achieve these steps.

The top new features our participants are saying they love so far:

  • Main Dashboard – easier access to everything important to developing their job search. The new dashboard helps to guide new users through the start of their program quickly, and seasoned users to progress through their program efficiently. 
  • Progress Ring – participants have two progress rings; one displays how far they are in their program and the other shows how their resume is developing. Both are integral to their success in quickly landing a new role. 
  • Video Tutorials – completely updated to be more impactful, relatable, and effective. These videos support the participants’ goals set through one-on-one guidance with their coach.
  • Content and Resources – an ever-evolving bank of supporting materials and information that helps participants through our program to swiftly get a new role. Worksheets, PDFs, and documents that provide additional insight into each step of the process. 
  • Knowledge Center – an expansive library of resources and FAQs to ensure participants get the answers they need with minimal hassle. 

We are excited about how impactful our new platform has been with our users. The observations we received from clients has been invaluable. We work tirelessly to continually bring value to our clients, and with their feedback, we are making huge strides.

Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore

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