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15 Resources to Improve Your Outplacement Services

February 05, 2018 by Chris Richardson

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No matter how stable the economy is, there’s only one certain thing for the businesses in it: uncertainty. When an organization hits a low, its effective leadership must recognize the need for restructuring as the only way to stay true to the business strategy. That’s when the need for outplacement comes in.

Outplacement is a service that supports individuals who are exiting the organization on a voluntary or involuntary basis.

The way your company makes layoff decisions determines the success of your employer brand. That’s why you have to do it right.

But where do you start? How can you make sure that you are performing a RIF or downsizing event with the proper outplacement provider?

Well, to help, We suggest these 15 resources that will improve your outplacement process instantly.

1. An Outplacement Service

Businesses don’t have specialized outplacement departments because layoffs are not something they often do. It’s important to hire an outplacement service that will make the process as painless as possible for your employees.

2. A Framework on the Cloud

When you’re planning layoffs, you review a lot of data related to the performance and importance of your employees. You can allow administrators to manage these documents, so they will help you make effective decisions. As for the online storage service that will store those documents, Google Drive is a great solution.

3. Online Outplacement Solutions

The participants in the outplacement process should have access to online solutions, so they will eliminate travel time and costs. Make sure to provide webinars and Skype training sessions.

4. An Assessment Program

The exit interview is one of the most common assessment methods during the outplacement process. When you’re planning a layoff, this interview will help you understand an employee’s feelings about this process and figure out how you can make the process easier on them.

5. Training Programs

As an employer, it’s important to prepare the employees for the job market before the layoff. This can be an online course or in-office training provided by the outplacement service you hire. To make the training program more effective, you may provide personalized content through an email campaign.

6. Personalized Options

Each employee has specific needs and skills. That’s why you should provide personalized options for career assessment, resume and interview preparation, job search, retraining, and referrals to financial advisors.

7. Networking Tools

You have to provide help with the networking process, so your former employees won’t find the job search overwhelming. Offer assistance with the creation and improvement of their LinkedIn profiles. Teach them how to use LinkedIn groups and help them make connections. Outplacement providers worth their salt will have this covered.

8. Job Leads

You have to do everything in your power to connect your former employees to the job market. Outplacement firms can push your former employees in that direction, but you should use your own connections, too.

9. Career Counseling

Proper career counseling will mitigate the overwhelming fear of losing a job. This support can also be provided by the outplacement service you hire.

10. Coaching Program

The career coach will have a strong impact on the success of your overall outplacement strategy. A successful outplacement service will provide training that’s personalized to the employee’s age, experiences, goals, and circumstances.

11. Real Data

How are you going to make the right decisions? You need to monitor effective data related to each employee. Outplacement is not a random decision. It must be based on facts.

12. Superb Account Team Through All Stages

You need a dedicated account team to help the organization with the outplacement process. This team will plan outplacement in accordance with the financial goals of the business. You also have to make sure you follow all of the laws that dictate how a layoff can occur, specifically if you are letting go employees that are over 40.

13. A Calendar

Why would you need Google Calendar for this process? If you’re going to reduce your workforce, there are days you should definitely avoid (holidays, as well as the employee’s birthdays). You need to plan when you’ll notify the impacted employees and how you’ll put them through all stages of the process.

14. An Online Support System

Offer an online solution that will allow the affected employees to contact you or the support system during working hours. They will have questions. Some of them will come forward with strong arguments that might convince you to change the decision. Allow them to contact you via email, Skype, or another tool. Listen to them!

15. An Evaluation Strategy

You’re investing in the outplacement service and all other resources we mentioned above. You have to measure the return of this investment! Did the program manage to help your former employees handle the job market? Did you keep the right people in your organization? How successful was this investment, overall?

Layoff decisions are never easy to make. An effective outplacement program, however, will help you make the process less stressful for the affected employees. With the tips and resources we listed above, you’ll helm them move on.

Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson

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