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Raymond Lee Founder & CEO

Raymond Lee is the Founder and CEO of Careerminds, a global, virtual outplacement company launched in 2008. He has over 18 years of human resource, outplacement, and career consulting experience, and he’s also a certified retirement coach.

Raymond pioneered the concept of virtual outplacement after years of delivering traditional outplacement in a variety of HR roles and saw a huge opportunity to align career transition programs with the way people were actually looking for jobs. When Raymond started the company, he had one goal in mind: to create forward-thinking transition programs that reduced employee stress. This included developing robust software to personalize the transition experience for all levels of the organization, and hiring expert consultants to support participants every step of the way.

Raymond holds his bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Louisiana Tech University. He sits on the Careerminds Board of Directors, is the President of the Philadelphia Society of People and Strategy, and is an active speaker and contributor to HRPS & SHRM. Raymond’s been featured on SiriusXM 111 Business Radio, Wall Street Journal and Fox Business News.

Christa Hurchalla VP Client Success

Christa Hurchalla is the Vice President of Client Success for Careerminds leading a world-class, global Client Success team delivering and providing a seamless and outstanding customer experience for clients and their departing employees. 

Christa has nearly two decades of experience in the HR Consulting and HR tech industries, including 14 years in the outplacement industry, in a wide variety of leadership roles in Client Services & Success, Business Development, Partnerships, Relationship Management, Global Sales, and Participant Engagement.

Andrew Piddington SVP of Global Business Development

Andrew Piddington is the SVP of Global Business Development and a member of the Executive Leadership Team for Careerminds; partnering with organizations to help their transitioning employees find their dream job as quickly as possible.

With over two decades of experience in leadership and business development in a wide range of different industries, Andrew’s success is driven by his passion for building relationships and tapping into his own curiosity.

Having spent 10 years on the front end of the employee life cycle, he decided to shift to the back end of the employee life cycle by joining Careerminds, an exciting pioneer in the world of outplacement. He considers the decision to be one of the best of his career.

When he’s not busy evangelizing the awesomeness of Careerminds, he spends his time with his wonderful husband and their beautiful pup.

Lou Ann Kummerer SVP Global Services

Lou Ann Kummerer has been positioned at the leading edge of service-delivery innovations since the mid-90s. She pioneered 1-800 Coach in 1995 as a new way to provide high quality, cost-efficient career consulting services to individuals living in remote areas.

In response to emerging client needs for technology-enabled solutions and personalized flexible consulting, the practice evolved into eDelivery: high-touch, high-tech career management. Lou Ann has successfully implemented and managed the delivery of virtual solutions in career transition, redeployment, leadership development, retirement and career management. She has managed eDelivery teams that provided coaching to thousands of individuals nationwide; with hundreds of client organizations, in numerous industries.

Lou Ann Kummerer and Raymond Lee met after her noticing they shared a vision of how virtual outplacement services should be delivered. Lou Ann joining Careerminds as Director of Participant Services was a natural step in her career. Her responsibilities will include overseeing all of the Careerminds’ seasoned career consultants, driving product innovation, and building a world-class organization.

Lou Ann’s prior background is in sales, management and training grounded in the pharmaceutical and consumer products industries. She is a graduate of the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and completed extensive graduate course work in counseling. She has a certificate in Career Development from the University of Washington and is a Board Certified Coach.

Paul Sanders VP Technology

Paul has been the Co-Founder, CTO and VP of Technology for numerous startups over the last 12 years. Starting his career in entrepreneurship and technology in the William and Mary tech incubator, Williamsburg, VA.

Paul has been successfully innovating and growing startups that compete with industry leading Enterprise Corporations. Paul’s previous venture, Edvance360, secured a top 3 spot among LMS systems 9 years in a row and won the CoDIE award for best LMS twice in that time in a highly saturated and competitive market.

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