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Outplacement is hard for everyone. We help your employees find success and feel good. Career change can also be career development. Help your executives and protect your brand.

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Improve retention

Boost engagement, improve productivity, support succession planning initiatives, and improve retention.

Build skills

Define skills needed, assess current skills, conduct gap analysis, upskill and reskill workers to achieve results.

Avoid layoffs

Redeploy staff internally, minimise recruitment costs and onboarding costs, maintain intellectual property, reduce turnover, and fill roles quickly.

Protect the brand

Successfully offboard employees, manage retirements, and protect your reputation as an employer.

How about a 95% placement rate?

By helping to avoid the potential risks of RIFs or layoffs through our global outplacement services, companies can move forward with their goals while preserving their internal culture, employer brand, and bottom lines.
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Executive outplacement services

We support executives across all industries, functions, and titles with unlimited coaching and premium, personalized services. Our highly experienced coaching team meets executives where they are, crafting a customized experience tailored to their unique goals for the best possible outcomes.

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Executive coaching

Our targeted executive coaching programs focus on the development areas your employees need most to maximise professional potential. Known for our fanatical dedication to client satisfaction we offer customisable, scalable solutions for every employment level and stage.

Train your best leaders 

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Leadership coaching

We train your leaders to excel in their roles by mastering essential leadership skills. Guided by our SCORE Leadership Model, managers will learn to balance values, competencies, and motivators effectively. For senior leaders, our program reinforces critical success factors, from strategic development to authentic communication.

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Career Development programs

Career development is a valuable benefit that demonstrates your commitment to your employees, enhancing engagement and retention. Careerminds’ career development coaching program offers a flexible approach to support employees at all levels in their professional growth. Witness your employees gain essential skills and elevate your organization’s productivity.

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See how our clients and participants succeed

Companies all over the world work with Careerminds to provide support for their employees, protect their employer brand, and reduce stress for everyone involved in transition.

“Having to say goodbye to a teammate is never easy… We chose Careerminds because of their commitment to our people until landing. We also appreciate the virtual component to be able to offer access to services no matter where they are located. This is critical for a geographically dispersed, diversified organization.”

Erica | VP Talent

“I was really impressed with Careerminds’ professionalism and expertise. They had helpful answers to our questions and helped us through some difficult conversations.”

Doug | CEO

“I think that the improvement that I made does not stop within the company’s building. It’s not only making me a better employee, I think it also makes me a better father, a better husband, too. I really feel that it’s proven to not only benefit me professionally, it also benefited me personally.”

Leadership Participant | GeoBlue

Download a free copy of Clocking Out: A Stress-Free Guide to Career Transitions

Clocking Out highlights four career success principles – agility, mindset, trust, and choice – a framework you can use every day that will directly impact your HR career and any other career path you decide to take.

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At Careerminds, we care about people first. That’s why we offer personalized talent management solutions for every level at lower costs, globally.

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