Virtual Workforce: Recent SHRM Trends

June 08, 2013 by Careerminds

Buzz words and band wagon terms circling around the HR and recruiting world actually mean something for companies. When a group of professionals all get together and create a concensus on what is important in their world, everyone should take notice. Trends generate talk and action for a reason. Not every new tool or idea will work for each individual company, but it’s vital to keep up with industry trends as a knowledgable professional in any given field.

These are the top five topics and trends that have been front stage at every conference, on every blog and every HR professional’s mind.

A Focus on Employee Engagement

There’s no new news here about employee engagement. Companies have long known the benefits of getting their employees engaged and caring about their work and their organization. But recently there has been a call to action. Promoting and facilitating employee engagement not only raises rentention rates, it also supports a good employer brand and creates a cohesive workforce. These benefits have a ripple effect that includes saving money, time, increasing productivity and an all around push toward the advancement of organizational goals. Here is a link with some steps toward engaging employees.

Employer Branding

Employer branding has been huge this year for a multitude of reasons. Previously, companies saw little need to appeal to candidates in the same way that they try to now. The climate of the candidate-recruiter relationship has changed. With more workers leaving the workforce than are coming in, this is a candidate’s market. By creating an employer brand that entices top talent, companies are able to move forward by not just filling these positions, but filling them with star talent. Get your company employer branded now!

Cleaning Up Your Data

Big data, social data, clean data, these terms have been everywhere lately. With the influx of massive amounts of data that new technologies and social media lend us, we have accumulated more of this information than we know what to do with. But the conveyer belt keeps bringing more down the line, and the data piles up into unusable mountains. All of this data is useless unless companies learn how to organize it, store it, efficiently access it and then keep it growing. Recently a very informative white paper done by Dave Mendoza on big data hit the HR world with some good advice on cleaning it up.

Telecommuting as an Option

The list of benefits for both employer and employee goes on and on. But our economic climate has changed, and the reason for telecommuting is changing. When telecommuting first became popular, it was during the recession as a way to save businesses money and decrease carbon footprints. Now companies have two ways to present this new tool, as a retention strategy, or as a business strategy. Additionally, with the news of major companies like Yahoo cutting their telecommuting options, it has made many other companies rethink their telecommuting options. Figuring out what works best for your company and its workers can be daunting, but it’s worth it.

Recruiting with Social Media

Although, not terribly recent, this trend is not going away any time soon. Social media has ingrained itself in our society and our every day way of life. It’s role is only growing, and those that haven’t jumped on this wagon will be left in the dust. There is so much reach and data available through social media that it is an undeniable tool.

Did you have a trend in mind that you don’t see here? Tell us about it and start the discussion about what you believe is important in your HR department.



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