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Should You Consider Relocating for a Job?

December 13, 2012 by Careerminds

As the job search stretches on and on and possibly into the new year, many people are forced to consider the option of relocating to a different geographical area. Although this can seem very drastic to some, it can greatly increase the odds of finding full-time employment in some industries. It is important to make this decision carefully, however, because not every person will find success when moving to a brand-new city.

Although it may indeed up your chances of getting hired, take into consideration your ability to completely uproot yourself. How would you handle moving alone to a completely unfamiliar area of the country? This is especially pertinent if the city in question is extremely far from where you currently reside. With no family and friends to turn to for emotional support, it can be extremely difficult to survive and thrive after a relocation.

Do your research thoroughly and take into consideration the following factors:

  • Your age – Are you young enough and healthy enough to transition to a brand-new location at this point in your life? Young adults who are just out of college usually find more success when relocating to new locations. Also take into consideration your health, your physicians, and the accessibility of health care in any areas you are considering.
  • Your community – Are you surrounded by awesome neighbors who you have spent years building quality relationships with? A great community can be hard to leave and hard to find elsewhere.
  • Nearby family – is your entire family living nearby currently? If so, this may actually prove more valuable in the long run than finding a job a little bit faster. Keep in mind that having close family members nearby can mean more than just emotional support; they can provide free day care for children and often times a roof over your head if times get really tough.
  • Any children that may be forced to change schools – if you have children, always take them into consideration before making a move of any kind, whether it is for a job or not. It can be quite traumatic for children of many ages to be suddenly removed from the comfort of their school system. Also, research what the school systems are like in your new area – do they have good reputations and school report cards?
  • Day care needs and costs – This can significantly add to your monthly bills, especially if you are currently receiving free or reduced day care services from a family member.
  • Cost of living – Can you afford to live in the proposed new area?
  • Climate – What kind of weather can you expect to encounter in any potential new cities?
  • Safety – Be sure to do a thorough check of the crime rate in any areas you may potentially relocate to for work.
  • Job opportunities – Naturally, ensure that your chances for getting hired are as close to 100% as you can manage. Ideally, you should have an official job offer before actually making the move.
  • Pay scale – will you be making significantly less or more money in a different region?

Taking all of the above factors into consideration is important before you make a move for a new job. With that being said, if everything adds up, relocating can be a very positive experience and can lead to wonderful things!
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