How Other HR Executives Are Saving Thousands of Dollars While Improving Their Employer Brand

October 10, 2016 by Raymond Lee

Your company is facing a massive reduction in force. You plan on providing outplacement because you don’t want to leave your layoffs in the dust. (You also know offering outplacement boosts your employer brand so that’s a plus too!) You look up some of the common options, and prices are through the roof. If you had that kind of money, you wouldn’t have to be making layoffs in the first place! And then, you find Careerminds.


Careerminds outplacement is not just top of the line when it comes to what we provide, we are also the most affordable. Our highest priced program is still over $1500-$6500 cheaper than all of our competitors. Our value far exceeds our cost. Careerminds can save your organization up to 70% over other providers. It’s the easiest budgeting decision you’ll make.

Our plans can service any range of employees – our Headstart programs are great for entry level professionals or are Local First+ program can help high ranking executives find their next position with ease. Whichever plan you choose, you can be sure you’re getting the best AND most cost-effective service out there.

employer-brand-post-canvasBut as a business leader, money isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when it comes to picking your outplacement. A major factor to consider is how your layoffs affect your employer brand. While any outplacement provider will boost your employer brand, none will be as helpful as Careerminds. Clients who use our services have a 16.5% stronger employer brand than the average organization. That means even despite layoffs, they still have candidates flocking. They’re still attracting top talent. Their brand is not suffering despite necessary cuts.

Employer branding is wildly important. The effects of a reduction in force can have massively detrimental effects on how your company appears as an employer. The key is to conduct layoffs while still maintaining your employer brand.

Think about it – the people you lay off are sure to share their feelings about being fired. According to the College of Marin, bad news may be shared with nearly twice as many people as good news. And adding Facebook, Glassdoor and other social media to the equation, think of how fast one incredibly negative experience will spread. By making sure you leave your former employees with options that will affect them positively post-layoff, you’re ensuring that all their news isn’t bad news. Which is ensuring that your company won’t be bashed on social media for all the world to see. Which can’t be a bad thing at all.

When it comes to your budget and your brand, there really is one option that is better than the rest. Click here for more information about Careerminds’ programs. 


Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee

Raymond Lee is the President of Careerminds, a global outplacement company based in Wilmington, Delaware. He has over 20 years of human resource, outplacement, and career consulting experience. He has his bachelor’s in psychology and holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Louisiana Tech University. He is active in SHRM and ATD. Raymond’s been featured on SiriusXM Business Radio, CareerTalk, and the Wall Street Journal and he’s published a book titled, Clocking Out: A Stress-Free Guide to Career Transitions.

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