Health Care Reform Briefing: What HR Should Know

November 08, 2013 by Judy Lindenberger

Today I interviewed Jennifer Calhoun Mohl, a Partner/Healthcare Consultant at Mercer, a global human resources consulting firm.


Jennifer, tell me what kind of work do you do.

I work with employers, large and small, in addressing their health care strategies and helping them decide what kinds of health care benefits to offer to their employees and retirees.

So what is your aim?

The aim is to have a comprehensive, competitive program that is cost effective. Companies want to manage trends while offering  quality programs to remain competitive and retain their employees.

What is something you have done for a client that you are really proud of?

About seven years ago,I worked with a  client who wanted to create a culture of health and well being. The program they introduced was progressive for its time – rewarding employees for taking accountability for their healthcare.   The program focused on education and support while maintaining positive employee cost sharing.  Over the past three years, this client has experienced negative trend while national norms are closer to 6%.  These programs are becoming more prevalent now – in fact almost all our clients are focusing on health management in one way or another. ompanies are making difficult decisions about cost management and comprehensive coveragethat ultimately affect employees and their dependents. In this case, both the company and the employees won.

Tell me about the webinar that you are going to be doing for CareerMinds.

2014 is a significant year for employer sponsored  healthcare. There is a lot of change as a result of health care reform, that impact how employer plans will be delivered. Health plans may not look  the same as in the past. n the meantime  the public government (and private employer) exchanges are being introduced. I intend to talk about all of the changes around healthcare today. I will also talk about what this means for employers in the next three to five years.

What can listeners expect to learn in your webinar?

  • What do I need to think about in 2014 regarding my company’s health care plans?
  • What are public exchanges and what do I need to do to prepare to interact with them?
  • What should I be thinking about for 2015 and beyond?

Healthcare changes are daunting but it’s manageable

What is the format of the webinar?

It will be an hour long. I will provide a lot of information that listeners can take home and use. I will talk about some best practices. And, at the end, people can ask questions.

You are really passionate about this topic.

I remember going to preliminary healthcare reform planning meetings in Washington, D.C. in 1993 (circa President Clinton) and thinking that healthcare reform would never happen. The fact that this is even happening in my lifetime is fascinating. Change brings innovation. This is an exciting time around innovation and what emerges as a result of these changes.

Judy Lindenberger

Judy Lindenberger

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