Careerminds’ Final Four: The Best HR Programs You Could Pick

April 05, 2017 by Meredith Brandt

Want to know more about the best HR programs on the market? These services not only are incredibly successful at what they do, but they are also less expensive than those offered by competitors. Let’s check out the final four!



The first service making it to this semi-final round is Evergreen Retirement Planning. With around 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day, companies need to get a move on to help out their key players before they leave the team. To give these MVPs what they deserve, companies should offer more that just financial retirement planning. With Evergreen, exiting employees are coached by professionals who can help them manage for the life ahead of them. Helping your soon-to-be retirees leave the workforce with preparation for the life changes that retirement brings.


Outplacement is not new to the HR landscape, but Virtual 2.0 outplacement is. It is a true game changer; no more binders or meetings you have to trudge to the outplacement office for. Now, in the comfort of your own home and at your pace, participants can flexibly use all that this outplacement service has to offer. Some of these offerings include personal one-on-one career coaching, resume assistance, LinkedIn optimization tools, and video interview preparation. The components of this outplacement process & package are great alone, but the program’s success rate, with participants getting back to work in under 12 weeks, is tough to beat. What a great item to add onto a severance agreement, and include in your layoff script!


Your company’s captains had to work their way up to leading the pack, so why not train the all-stars of tomorrow to ensure you’ll always have a stellar squad? This executive development and coaching service is one of the best HR programs you could use at your company. 66% of millennials are already planning to leave your organization in the next four years. Executive development & coaching is a proven way to retain this talent. Also, no future-leaders should ever be thrown into a leadership role without the proper preparation. Careerminds works to create a workforce of skilled team members who, at an executive level, can be the best leaders possible.


Who needs home court advantage when you can bring your fans with you? Spousal relocation services are there to help. Retain your top talent by offering these services that will provide job search assistance and career coaching to the spouses of the employees you are relocating. The #1 reason for a candidate’s reluctance to move is family resistance. Studies have shown that 65% of employee relocation failures result from trailing spouses. Making sure the WHOLE team can come along can cause a drastically better outcome for your top performers. If a move is worth making, spousal relocation helps to make sure that no partner is left behind.

And the winner is…


Careerminds offers all of these services that are more flexible, more successful, and more affordable than other providers. These best HR programs all around can’t be beat. Change the game at your company by making your picks wisely.


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Meredith Brandt

Meredith Brandt

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